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101 "George inherited the Clockhouse estates (which by this time consisted of some 140 farms and tenements in Bradford, Idle, Manningham, Horton, Bingley, Hipperholme, Keighley, Giggleswick, North and South Cave and elsewhere, with an annual income of ~?8,000) from his cousin Sarah Jowett on her death in 1840.
However, he did not live in the Clockhouse, preferring his own home in Drewton, East Riding. He died without issue, at Drewton, in 1854 and left a somewhat complicated and ambiguous will. He was not aware of any living relatives but was vaguely aware that his great grandfather Nathan Jowett, brother of the original Samuel Jowett, also had a sister who married an Atkinson and had two Children, who he found out to have been Nathan and Samuel Atkinson. He therefore left the estate to the heir male of Nathan Atkinson, whose mother was "a Jowett of Clockhouse". Failing this, it would go to the heir male of Samuel Atkinson of Shipley, brother of the above Nathan. Failing this he left it to the heir male of his uncle Nathan Jowett (just in case there was one!). In this way the estate finally found its way to Nathan Atkinson, grandson of Nathan Atkinson of Bolton near Bradford (after much activity by the lawyers!)". 
Baron, George of Leeds (I8063)
102 "George Thompson had become the Registrar of Deeds for the East Riding, a position occupied in the early 19th century by an ancestor of his wife. Bertha, aged 14, was living at home and was identified as a scholar in the 1891 census return. She was probably being taught at home by a Governess, Lucy Hilda Brooksbank. However, Lucy's status in the household is recorded as "visitor" which may mean she was not actually working in the house. The family was still in Register Square in 1901, but Bertha was not." Brooksbank, Lucy Hilda (I917)
103 "Gilbert and Beatrice had two sons and two daughters. Daughter Susannah married Nathan Jowett, son of Edward Jowett of Idle, in 1677". Brooksbank, Susannah (I4326)
104 "Gilbert Brooksbank, yeoman, born 1626, perhaps we should call him Gilbert No.3, married Beatrice Rowlinson in 1644. This is the Gilbert who, in 1674, built the "Four Ashes Inn" at Primrose Hill, Horton" Brooksbank III, Gilbert (I495)
105 "Gilbert No.5 is mentioned in a tripartite deed dated 1735-6, with Abraham Brooksbank of Thornton, and John Brooksbank of Shipley, concerning a messuage and lands at Heaton Royds, Shipley. He was a Governor of Bradford Grammar School.
As the tannery business was thriving, in 1739 he built a house at Great Horton which is now known as the "King's Arms" inn, - it was a coaching-inn where the High Flyer from Leeds to Manchester and the Cotton Coach refreshed their horses and passengers. Over the door is the date 1739 and the initials "G-B." Continuing to prosper, in 1746 Gilbert erected the fine gentleman's residence called "Brooksbank House", an imposing building which fell into disrepair in later years." 
Brooksbank V, Gilbert (I4646)
106 "Gilbert was the favourite name for many generations of Brooksbanks in Horton. In the subsidy roll of Great Horton Freeholders dated 1608, Gilbertus Brooksbank No.2 was assessed at xxs and paid ijs viijd. (20s and 2s 8d). Gilbert's second wife was Agnes Sugden. He died in 1645". Brooksbank II, Gilbert (I552)
107 "Godfrey Wolley , in holy orders, rector of Hutton Bushel , died in 1822 ." Wolley, Rev Godfrey MA, JP (I3254)
108 "Grandma pregnant with Moyra"
caption on Golden Wedding photo 
Robinson, Ada Annie (I4281)
109 "Hannah Milnes, born Aug., 1723. mar., as 2nd wife, 26 April, 1750, to Arthur Heywood, of Liverpool, banker,
and died September, 1806." 
Family F3555
110 "Harriet Louisa went on to marry a prosperous local entrepreneur named Hunnick" Family F1255
111 "Haydon; he took particular pride in his uncle, Thomas Cobley. Through the influence of Admiral Mordwinoff, who as a captain in the Imperial Russian navy had married his sister, Harriet, young Cobley became an officer, finally a general in the Russian army. He served with distinction against the Turks." Family F218
112 "he knew more or less intimately nearly every man, and woman too, that was worth knowing in England; and having a thoroughly English wife, I believe he loved our society, in spite of its chilliness and drawbacks, better than that of any other nation....
Within a year from the date of this conversation, which took place as we were riding side by side over the downs which lie between Brighton and Lewes, and which was, I think, the last of many of the sort, I drove down from the neighbourhood of London to follow my friend to his grave in Hove churchyard.
Some of the exiles gave out that he was killed by our climate. Nonsense! He died of a chronic and hereditary complaint which would have killed him in Milan quite as soon as at Brighton, and perhaps sooner...." 
Pecchio, Count Giuseppe (I940)
113 "He leaves a widow and a step-daughter Middleton, Dr William Robert Colvin "WRC" MD (I994)
114 "He marr., 24th Nov. 1843, Elizabeth Murray, daugh. of Mr Hyslop, farmer, Glenlee, and has seven sons and four daughters."

Wigtownshire Free Press
MURRAY, Rev. George - married 28/11/1843 - At Glenlee, on the 28th ult., by the Rev. Dugald Stewart Williamson, of Tongland, the Rev. George Murray, of Girthon, to Elizabeth Murray, daughter of Mr Hyslop, Glenlee. 
Family F3060
115 "He was perfectly master of the navigation of most party, and of the Baltic and Kattegat."
The above quotation are from the obituary of John Diston, 1729, 1804. He was born in Lowestoft and stayed in Helsingor from about 1775 to about 1802. John Diston had a son named John Smith Diston that about 1795 sat in debtor's prison in Denmark, from where he was released by the Royal Decree of 23/04 1795 
Diston, John (I5195)
116 "Henry Nantes, Esq. of this parish and Patty Eliza Benson also of this parish were married by special licence this 1st day of June 1810 by me, Thomas Howard, vicar. This marriage was solemmized between Henry Nantes and Patty Eliza Benson in presence of William (?) Benson, Jane Benson" Family F3509
117 "Henry Stock's son, Henry William Stock, joined the firm in 1881 and designed Upper Thames Street and the Hamberg/American Line Building in Cockspur Street, off Trafalgar Square. Henry Stock junior designed Fairlawn Mansions, of New Cross Road, which was built for the Haberdashers' Company in the 1880s for the deserving poor of London, and is still managed by Stock Page Stock today." Stock, Henry William (I8871)
118 "His wife not known but she may have died in India after the birth of Louisa. She is listed on various census as being born in Meerut Bengal in 1815." Unknown (I2433)
119 "Horace's daughter' on Golden Wedding photo caption

Shirley recalls
the youngest child of Joshua and Amelia d.o.b 1910-1989 died in Cleveland Yorkshire, did go to see her when we lived in the North East only thing she told me that Joshua split from Amelia.
Amelia went and lived with Marjorie and her family in Cleveland in her later years and was buried in the local cemetery in Ormesby. 
Brooksbank, Marjorie Phyllis (I4286)
120 "However the Huttons appear to be sharing the house with two other families headed by a joiner called James Elsdon and a mariner, William Ridling. " Ridling, William (I9193)
121 "Hugh George was born in June 1881, mother called him Hugh after his father and George after her favourite brother (Rene Boston's father). So father never saw his youngest son, and Hugh never knew his father." Boston, Irene Victoria "Rene" (I11)
122 "Hugh George was born in June 1881, mother called him Hugh after his father and George after her favourite brother (Rene Boston's father). So father never saw his youngest son, and Hugh never knew his father." Boston, George Frederick Strout (I3842)
123 "Hugh George was born in June 1881, mother called him Hugh after his father and George after her favourite brother (Rene Boston's father). So father never saw his youngest son, and Hugh never knew his father." Potter, Revd Canon Hugh George MA (I3836)
124 "I see a Lillias Stewart listed who married David Staig, Provost of Dumfries. Her parents were Charles Stewart of Shambellie (1705-1775) and Anne/Lilias Hay, daughter of James Hay of Dumfries."

also see 
Stewart, Charles of Shambellie (I7411)
125 "I see a Lillias Stewart listed who married David Staig, Provost of Dumfries. Her parents were Charles Stewart of Shambellie (1705-1775) and Anne/Lilias Hay, daughter of James Hay of Dumfries." Stewart, Lilias (I7410)
126 "In 1811 the road which originally ran north-east from the house to Upper Hulme was realigned to run south-east across Blackshaw moor. By 1819 there was an inn where the new road met the Leek-Buxton turnpike road; it was called the Three Horseshoes by 1834." Barber, John (I588)
127 "In 1880, Edmund's third son Cyril who had entered his father's office as a pupil in 1872, became a partner and the firm was known as Blacket and Son until Edmund's death in February 1883. Cyril then took his elder brother Arthur, 1848-1928, as junior partner. Blacket Brothers operated until around the end of 1885 when Cyril's health collapsed and he moved to the South Coast, N.S.W. Arthur completed the firm's current commissions and established his own business as an architect and surveyor, retiring around 1896. Cyril meanwhile had returned to Sydney and his architectural practice. In the period 1905-1907 he collaborated with William Baptist Wall and designed a number of buildings as Blacket and Wall. In 1911 his son Pendrill Cyril, 1885-1958, became a partner and the firm was once again known as Blacket and Son"

When his wife died in 1869, Edmund was left with four sons and four daughters, Edith, Alice, Arthur, Marion, Owen, Hilda, Cyril and Horace. In 1880 Cyril joined the firm which was then known as Blacket & Son.

Cyril married three times. One of his daughters was Ruth who married Edgar Clements, son of his sister Edith Blackett.

Tasman House and Cyril Blacket
Cyril Blacket (1857-1937) was a prominent landowner in St Georges Basin. He was the son of Edmund Blacket, the well known Colonial Architect who, between his arrival from England in 1842 and his death in 1883, designed over 200 buildings, mostly in NSW. Cyril Blacket was also an architect, although not so well known as his father. But he was also responsible for many buildings in Sydney and other parts of NSW. Locally he was the architect for the School of Arts and the Memorial Gates in Nowra. During a short visit (1879/80) to the UK he was awarded a degree by the Royal Institute of British Architects. In 1903 he was President of the Institute of Architects. He was a councillor and president of the now-defunct Shire of Clyde. In 1885 Cyril acquired an estate bordering the NW corner of the Basin. This he called Tasman Park with the house being known as Tasman House. The family lived there but Cyril had to spend a lot of time in his office in Sydney. The estate was initially 640 acres but later was increased to about 1000. The house was a large one, 10 bedrooms,and built from local timber. The house was burnt down in 1926 and was not rebuilt. 
Blackett, Cyril (I4106)
128 "In 1914 he married Karin Costelloe, a philosophy graduate and expert on Bergson. At the outbreak of World War I both Stephen and Costelloe became conscientious objectors, like Lytton Strachey and Leonard Woolf, and lived out the war working on a farm in Essex." Family F3801
129 "In 1943 the news had arrived that his father, the 2nd Earl of Halsbury, had died in a
civilian internment camp in German-occupied France. When the Germans had taken Paris, he
had gone into hiding and could only feed himself by selling his clothes; he was barefoot when
rounded up by the authorities. A fellow internee later reported that Halsbury had been the
saddest man in the whole camp and just used to stand by himself all day, unspeaking, gazing
out at the horizon. When his health started to fail he was shifted to a hospital in the Vosges,
the part of France that he had loved best and where he was quartered in the days of World
War I when all went well for him. There he died and was buried in the common grave" 
Giffard, Sir Hardinge Goulburn 2nd Earl of Halsbury (I8179)
130 "In a little while Martha Thompson married a Mr. J. B. Whitehead, a brass founder and button manufacturer, from Birmingham". "The makers of Wesleyan Methodism in Preston and the relation of Methodism to the Temperance & Tee-total Movements" Whitehead, Joseph B (I3044)
131 "In Dec. 1802, when Jane was approaching her 27th birthday & Harris was 21, Jane & Cassandra were once again staying at Manydown with Alethea, Catherine, & their sister, Elizabeth Heathcote(now a widow). Harris proposed was accepted...." Bigg-Wither, Harris (I8798)
132 "In Ye Vault Under Ye Communion Table" Stracey, Edward (I3204)
133 "Isaac was the heir & proprietor of a very ample estate situate at Aldby or Mathenby near Penrith. He was for some time High Sheriff of the County. He was a student under Thos Lawson & in order to gain his daughter Hannah he counterfeited himself [as] a Friend [Quaker]. When married he threw this disguise off and being fond of sporting & horse racing becoming involved in difficulty through being security for another. He entered the army & went to India leaving his wife and children to the care of his friends especially to a brother who held the living of Broad Chalk in Wiltshire under Salisbury Plain. Isaac Thompson was not heard of for more than 30 years. Hannah dies at Penrith 1713,." Thompson, Isaac of Penrith (I123)
134 "Jacob Thompson born 1750 died 1803 was an extensive linen stock manufacturer. He was distinguished through life by his upright and honourable conduct. As an appraiser, strict impartiality marked his numerous transactions & his private life was unimpeachable. He died at the age of 53 deeply regretted by all who knew him. He built the extensive premises in Friar Street Penrith." Thompson, Jacob (I111)
135 "Jane Burgess married Norman Barber (she was around 22 years of age. Norman's father's name was John (Johnny) or Joseph Barber. Joseph had a sister Gerty. He married Grandma Barber and they ran a baby clothes shop on the corner of Bond Street and West Bond Street. Grandma Barber was a Lovett. She had a brother called Nathan and a father called John Lovett.. They had three children - Norman, Gladys and Eileen". Lovett, Ethel (I193)
136 "Jane, the youngest surviving daughter of the rector of Bolton Percy, was baptized in York Minster 14 Sept. 1732."

Thomas Lamplugh left his estates to his sisters:
-- Honor who died unmarried and left her share to the other devizees;
-- Katherine, wife of Rev Godfrey Wooley
--Anne, wife of John Raper
and Honor the only child of his deceased sister Jane, then the wife of John Lowe, afterwards to William Graham. Mrs Graham sold her shares to John Raper and Edward Wolley (later Copley). 
Lamplugh, Jane (I985)
137 "John Brisco, the eldest son, succeeded, and married Mercy, daughter of William Johnston [sic], of Kibblesworth, county Durham, and had a family of six sons and four daughters"

1733      her will mentions her daughter who married Henry?? Briscoe and lives in Ireland. 
Johnson, Mercy (I2550)
138 "John died in Adelaide in 1939, & Ethel, in 1965. They had 4 children, 1 daughter died of diphtheria , aged about 7 years."

31st July 1965 ? Collapsed in street, Elizabeth Grove, Adelaide Sth Australia 
Young, John Charles (I4538)
139 "John Diston had a son named John Smith Diston that about 1795 sat in debtors' prison in Denmark, from where he was released by the Royal Decree of 23/04 1795 [reprinted Zealand Registers p.657]." Diston, John Smith (I31327)
140 "Katherine Wolley, Widow of the Reverend Godfrey Wolley, A.M., late Rector of Thunscoe and Warmsworth in this County, third and last surviving Daughter of the Revd Thomas Lamplugh, A.M., heretofore a Canon Residentiary of this Church and Rector of Bolton Percy, died in the Parish of St. Martin, Coney Street, York, the first Day of November, and was bur. in this Church the fourth Day of November, 1804, Aged 79 years."

The history and antiquities of the hundreds ...
John Dunkin - 1823
There is also a monument for Katherine Lamplugh, the wife of Dr. Thomas Lamplugh, sometime fellow of Queen's college, afterwards rector of this church of ... 
Lamplugh, Katherine (I984)
141 "Kevin met the Reverend Kevin Scott, the vicar of St John the Baptist, who showed him Mary's tomb, where Thomas Whately is also buried, and gave him a copy of the inscription on the tomb. It stated that Mary was the daughter of a Joseph Thompson, and that Thomas and Mary had lived at Nonsuch Park, not far from St John the Baptist church."
featured in Who Do You Think You Are (BBC 1) 2 March 2009 
Thompson, Mary (I3973)
142 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Brooksbank, Jack (I1153)
143 "Lady Haversham died in 1724" Graham, Frances (I8276)
144 "late of Chigwell" Stracey, Elizabeth Catherine (I3206)
145 "Lord Sinclair married, 6th October 1870, Margaret Jane, youngest daughter of James Murray, of 16 Bryanstone Square, London W., and has issue:
THE HON. ARCHIBALD JAMES MURRAY, Master [heir apparent] of Sinclair, born 16th February 1875; is Lieutenant 3rd battalion King's Own Scottish Borderers" 
Family F3033
146 "LOTHERTON, in the parish of Sherburn in Elmet, wapentake of Barkston Ash; (Lotherton Hall, the seat of John Raper, Esq.) 1 mile from Aberford, 5 miles S. of Tadcaster, 8 from Wetherby. Pop. including a part of Aberford, 427, which being united, form a township." Raper, John of Aberford (I966)
147 "Major Robert Thompson of Watton at Stone appears to have died in 1694 - will proved 7.6.1695 PROB 11/428/413." Thompson, Maj Robert of Elsham (I1363)
148 "Margaret Ann Bazett / Dizi (Hampton) (1772 - ) married Richard Campbell Bazett on 17 July 1790 at the "New Church" (Rev Owen). They later divorced via act of parliament and and she married the leading harpist Francois Jean Dizi in 1809". Family F737
149 "married as second wife Mrs Grace Hildyard widow of William Scott." ?? [a William Scott was sheriff in 1625] Family F3406
150 "married, 1st, 1878, Ehzabeth Agnes (who died 1880), dau. and co-heiress of the late John McNeill of Ardnacross, Argyll" Family F2851

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