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4701 with
Harriet Birchall 19 1832 Sandbach, Cheshire, lodger, silk winder 
Birchenough, Fanny (I127)
4702 with
Hazel Lynall Brooksbank of Sneaton Hall, Whitby, age 55, widow
Edward William Brooksbank, same address, age 20 student 
Brooksbank, Capt Philip MC (I914)
4703 with
Louisa Eleanor Brandling 32 1819 Northumberland, widow?. sister 
Brandling, Rachel Ann (I4965)
4704 with 3 servants, next door Mary A Bazett Bazett, Lt Col Richard (I404)
4705 with 3 year old daughter and three servants Margerison, Arthur McKune (I3863)
4706 with 5 servants Phillott, Ally (I3621)
4707 with 5 servants Parker, Hugh (I1027)
4708 with butler, coachman and three other servants Wheler, Sir Trevor 9th Baronet (I6044)
4709 with Edith Bruce, age 29, mental nurse Stephen, Laura Makepeace (I5785)
4710 with Eleanor Francis Gladwell, 14 1897 Secunderabed, India servant [Eleanor Francis Gladwell was born 5 July 1896 in Celyon India, and died 1977 in Guide Post Northumberland U K. She married Charles Nesbitt, son of James Nesbitt and Margaret.] Potter, John Marsden "Jack" (I3787)
4711 with her sister Phillippa (and five servants!) Brooksbank, Martha Sophia (I893)
4712 With his wife Elizabeth he had eleven children, among whom were: Sir William Chaloner, created a baronet on 20 July 1620, who died unmarried at Iskenderun in Syria; Edward Chaloner (1590/91\endash 1625), a scholar of Magdalen College, Oxford, who became chaplain in ordinary to James I and VI, and then to Charles I; and Thomas Chaloner and James Chaloner, both of whom were strong opponents of royal government in the 1640s, and implicated in the execution of Charles I. Family F465
4713 with Jane Raper and three servants Brooksbank, Martha Sophia (I893)
4714 with NINE servants! Frances did not live to enjoy her newly inherited wealth for long. A year later in 1872 Frances died aged 55. Carus-Wilson, Frances (I6031)
4715 With only her daughter and 19 servants! Sykes, Penelope Beatrix (I1368)
4716 with Susanna H, wife? Margerison, Arthur Melville (I328)
4717 with wife May? Margerison, Hugh Patrick (I424)
4718 Witness' Alice Scott, Harry Scott Family F2607
4719 Witnessed by Charles Smith (his brother Carl) Family F2486
4720 Witnesses at Robert and Isabella's marriage were Thomas Bullvert (?), Mary Ann Banks, Mary Imiry (?) and Jabez Bunting. Family F82
4721 witnesses at the wedding were Frances and Joseph Ridgway Family F2976
4722 Witnesses: John and Ann Raper Family F322
4723 Working as grocer in shop in Union Street which was later run by Alixina. Milroy, Alexandrina (I3494)
4724 World War I flying ace credited with nine aerial victories.

Mauduit was a cadet at RMC Sandhurst when World War I began. On 15 August 1914 he was commissioned into 7th (Princess Royal's) Dragoon Guards upon graduation. On 17 May 1915 he was promoted to Temporary Lieutenant; he was confirmed in this rank 9 August 1915.
He earned Pilot's Certificate number 4271 on 24 February 1917. On 25 April 1917 he was seconded to Royal Flying Corps as a Lieutenant. On 12 July 1917, he began his victory string while assigned to 11 Squadron to fly a Bristol F.2 Fighter. By 17 October, with the aid of either E. R. Dibbs, Jack Mason, or C. C. Dennis manning the guns in the rear seat, he had driven down out of control six Albatros D.Vs. On 21 October, with Leslie McRobert in the back seat, Mauduit set a D.V. afire, destroyed another, and drove a third one down over Lecluse. On 12 December 1917, he was raised from Flying Officer to Flight Commander with the concomitant rank of Temporary Captain.
Post war On 8 December 1922, he was granted seniority as Captain from 20 November 1919. 
Mauduit, Ronald Frank Strickland (I469)
4725 worsted manufacturer Brooksbank, Gilbert (I4669)
4726 wrongly named Grace Lamplugh in numerous sorces
from Some portraits at Dovenby, footnote
9 Although the Bridekirk Register records the marriage on 26 March 1706 of "Mr Lamplugh of Dovenby and Grace Lamplugh", I am sure that "Grace" is a mistake for "Jane". The Lamplugh Register records the marriage on 1 June 1706 of "William Farish of Whitehaven and Grace Lamplugh". In Chancery Proceedings (H. 205/46 P.R.O.) it is stated that Grace married William Feries and Jane married Robert Lamplugh of Dovenby
Lamplugh, Jane (I1587)
4727 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Barber, Raymond John (I3736)
4728 Wybunbury Parish Church Register of Burials:
Richard Dobson of Hunsterson aged 69 years. 
Dobson, Richard (I1226)
4729 Dickinson, Eli (I714)
4730 Dickinson, Mary Ann (I710)
4731 Dickinson, Nathan (I711)
4732 Dickinson, Henry (I123)
4733 Dickinson, Ellen (I124)
4734 Dickinson, David (I125)
4735 Tomkinson, Elizabeth (I1673)
4736 YFH June 2003
Thomas Brooksbank, chaplain of Elland, contemporary of Richard Brooksbank and Isabel ref YFH June 2000 
Brooksbank, Thomas (I4160)
4737 YFH June 2003
was a juror in 1539
Married twice, first to Joan who died in Sep 1545, second to Elizabeth widow of John Crozer (died May 1546) of Ovenden.
churchwarden at Halifax in 1533 
Brooksbank, Gilbert (I4179)
4738 YFH June 2003 and notes Steven Whiteley Aug 1998
Witneessed will of William Murgatroyd of Boothtown in 1508
Did jury service in 1518
assessed on land and goods in Warley in 1524 
Brooksbank, Richard (I4171)
4739 yfh June 2003 Stephen Whiteley
had property in Blackwood, Sowerby, south of Warley
entailed on his son Thomas jnr 
Brooksbank, Thomas (I4173)
4740 Yorkshire Evening News, 9 November 1936
CHAPMAN- November 7, at Leeds Nursing Home, aged 71 years,
Henry Edward, beloved husband of Elizabeth Chapman,
of Hillcrest, West Park, Leeds 6. 
Chapman, Henry Edward (I5817)
4741 Yvonne recalls
had a good job at the mill - manager or whatever lived tabley rd or tabley grove reddish stockport 
Monks, David (I4749)
4742 Yvonne recalls
lived at 34 Ellen St, Heaton Norris, Stockport.
Mary died when Eva - daughter-was a baby
we have no details at all about her
she was never spoken of and we have no photos even 
Birchenough, Mary Emily (I64)
4743 Zachary Macaulay, slavery abolitionist, was born in Inverary, Scotland, on 2 May 1768. He was a son of John Macaulay (d.1789) and his second wife Margaret. In 1799 he married Selina Mills and they had nine children. He was a member of the Society for the Abolition of the Slave Trade (later the African Institution) and was a leading figure in the campaign together with Wilberforce and Clarkson. He died on 13 May 1838 and is buried in Mecklenburgh Square in London. A life size bust, by Henry Weekes (1842), was erected in the north west tower chapel in the nave of the Abbey. The inscription on the pedestal was composed by Sir James Stephen:
"In grateful remembrance of Zachary Macaulay, who, during a protracted life, with an intense but quiet perseverance which no success could relax, no reverse could subdue, no toil, privation, or reproach could daunt, devoted his time, talents, fortune, and all the energies of his mind and body to the service of the most injured and helpless of mankind: and who partook for more than forty successive years, in the counsels and in the labours which guided and blest by God first rescued the British Empire from the guilt of the slave trade; and finally conferred freedom on eight hundred thousand slaves; This tablet is erected by those who drew wisdom from his mind, and a lesson from his life, and who now humbly rejoice in the assurance, that through the Divine Redeemer, the foundation of all his hopes, he shares in the happiness of those who rest from their labours, and whose works do follow them. He was born at Inverary, N.B. [North Britain] on the 2 May 1768: and died in London on the 13 May 1838".
Just under the bust is a medallion with the kneeling figure of a slave inscribed "Am I not a man and a brother".
His eldest son Thomas Babington Macaulay (1800-1859), poet and writer, is buried in Poets' Corner and has a memorial bust there. 
Macaulay, Zachary (I5015)
4744 [Notes from Descendants of Jane Owsley Gregg... edited by Thomas W. Spalding, page 7]
John and his wife Dorothea POYNTZ were the parents of twelve children. The fourth, Thomas Owsley, the adventuresome one, was the father of Jane Owsley GREGG. 
Family F1899
4745 [see Will] Carter, James (I1365)

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