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51 !Search for will SRO:SC.19/42/1 Inventory-only value lodged #514:16:3.
Try SC.19/41/37 Inventory - Found.Registered at Wigtown 1Mar1928.
Extracts from inventory:
Cash in house #4.4s.
Current account National Bank of Scotland,Glenluce #6.11s.6d.
30 shares of #1 each fully paid in Galloway Creamery Ltd. at the price of #1
per share.

!Wigtown Free Press.17Jan1912.Driving Accident.
A serious driving accident occured near Inchparks school on the main road
between Stranraer and Glenluce on Friday night while Mr.David Reid,farmer
Corsehead,Glenluce was driving home from the market in Stranraer his horse
bolted and he was pitched out of the machine sustaining injuries of a very
severe nature about the head.He was conveyed to Garrick Cottage
Hospital,Stranraer.The horse and machine were found at High Balleyet? farm
about a mile from the scene of the accident.
Will:Reid,David,Farmer,Corsehead,Glenluce,Wigtownshire,died 21August 1927 at
same place,intestate.Confirmation Wigtown 14 April,to Isabella Reid or Benson,
The Bungalow,Regent Grove,Starbeck,Harrogate,and Agnes Reid or Hughes,Main
Street,Glenluce aforesaid,next of kin.Value of Estate ?514:16:3. 
Reid, David (I911)
52 ". TO ADVERTISERS. It is requested that all Post-Ofiice may be made payable to William Reed, at the Office of this Journal. " Reed, William Stewart (I9749)
53 "...
I would also like details on where the Collard comes in - I know that James Moutrie (my great x4) grandfather married Eleanor Collard (1781) so I would guess that the Moutrie Collard connection comes in somewhere around here, but I have yet to find a piano connection other than on the piano names." 
Family F3311
54 "....Catharine Taylor born .abt 1798 Manea, Cambs, was previously married to Edward Fuller. Marriage at St Wendreda, March, on 14 May 1820 (ref: March St Wendreda Parish records). Catharine & Edward had at least six children (all baptised at St Wendreda) but it seems that only Mary and Emma survived into adulthood. Mary was born before her parents married, as she was named Mary Fuller Taylor, baptised 15 May 1820 at St Wendreda, March..."TAYLOR Mary, illegitimate daughter of Catherine"... Taylor, Catherine (I328)
55 "...Brother Army officers as well as those of the navy, would have introduced their marriageable sisters or daughters. It was probably on one such occasion he had the good fortune to meet and fall in love with a certain Miss Rebecca Elmstone, daughter of a former Naval officer, Fleet Elmstone. Very little else is known of the lady, except to add that their marriage took place at St.Luke's Church, Old Street, Finsbury on the 9th December 1771. Rebecca was four years older than her new husband, and pregnant." Family F2169
56 " the Rev. W. H. Wawn incumbent of Coley, near Halifax, assisted by the Rey. F Newton* curate of Denton, the Rev Charles Newton Paulet, vicar of Kirkhammerton, to Margaret, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Dykes, Esq., of Hull. On the 25th ultimo..." Family F2512
57 "...he died 13/9/25 in a motorbike accident close to where they lived in Harrogate. My father Arthur James Newton was then named after him when he was born on 9 August 1927." Johnson, Arthur (I4303)
58 "...Mr. S. L. Bedson, Warden of the Provincial Penitentiary, having recovered from a very serious illness, once again made his appearance in the streets of Winnipeg, greatly to the gratification of many warm friends. Bedson, Lt Col Samuel Lawrence (I995)
59 " my sister Mary Watkin and my sisters in law Sarah Penny, Elizabeth Penny and Sarah Dawson the sum of fifty shillings each to provide decent mourning..." Dawson, Mary (I1293)
60 " my sister Mary Watkin and my sisters in law Sarah Penny, Elizabeth Penny and Sarah Dawson the sum of fifty shillings each to provide decent mourning..." Lumb, Sarah (I1295)
61 " my sister Mary Watkin and my sisters in law Sarah Penny, Elizabeth Penny and Sarah Dawson the sum of fifty shillings each to provide decent mourning..." Lumb, Elizabeth (I1292)
62 "..a little stingy sneaking self-interested fellow who tis said hindered his father from many good works which he was naturally inclined to do..." Lamplugh, Rev Thomas Davenant DD (I986)
63 "1 Sept [1881] Address Paris
Dykes, L. B. B. to Darwin, C. R.,
Sends condolences on the death of E. A. Darwin".
(LBBD was a schoolfellow at Shrewsbury). 
Dykes, Lamplugh Brougham Ballantine MA (I2700)
64 "1739 The Mansion House was built between 1739 and 1752 and all the work on the elaborate moulded plasterwork decorations and enriched plaster ceilings was carried out by George Fewkes and Humphrey Willmott, both of whom later became Master of the Plaisterers' Company"  Cutter, William (I7613)
65 "19 July 1627 Margareta wife of Thomas Lamplugh gent. buried".
Thomas lived at Burshill (near Brandesburton) at this time - see 
Strickland, Margaret (I8392)
66 "A considerable manufacture of linen is carried on here, and that trade is likely to be extended, by a mill, which Messrs. Thomas and John Mease, are now erecting, to be worked by the power of steam. " Mease, Thomas (I121)
67 "A dressmaker is a person who makes custom clothing for women, such as dresses, blouses, and evening gowns. Also called a mantua-maker (historically)". Cutter, Averilla (I3199)
68 "A Marianne/Marion Stewart married George Mackenzie. they had a daughter Ann Mackenzie who married Rev. William Thorburn of Troqueer. He is my gggggrandfather. Marianne also had a sister Lilias Stewart who married David Staig who was Provost of Dumfries. " McKenzie, George of Netherwood (I7414)
69 "A Marianne/Marion Stewart married George Mackenzie. they had a daughter Ann Mackenzie who married Rev. William Thorburn of Troqueer. He is my gggggrandfather. Marianne also had a sister Lilias Stewart who married David Staig who was Provost of Dumfries. " Mackenzie, Ann (I7415)
70 "accidentally killed in North of England"
see Inquisitions for the Borough of Doncaster 9 Apr 1917
Alfred Ernest Venables of "Byworth" Umbria Street, Roehampton, London. CR.1/19/11 
Venables, Alfred Ernest (I8401)
71 "Andrews Warner died on 17th December 1717 and Poulett succeeded to his estates. However Poulett died suddenly less than four years later on 26th August 1721 at the age of 32 leaving his widow Mary with two daughters Elizabeth and Mary. His will which was unfinished and without a date was proved in 1721 and with the family estates being entailed in the male line, Mary and her two daughters moved to St John's Square, Clerkenwell. " Warner, Poulett (I2729)
72 "Ann wishes to be buried in the vault with her late dear Husband" Parr, Rev Robert (I9485)
73 "Ann wishes to be buried in the vault with her late dear Husband" Stracey, Ann (I3195)
74 "Ann, his fourth daughter, baptized in the Minster 5 Nov. 1729, married there, 8 Oct. 1750, John Raper, esq., town-clerk of York 1749-81 (eldest son of John Raper, lord mayor in 1745), and died at Aberford 17 July, 1783."

Thomas Lamplugh left his estates to his sisters:
-- Honor who died unmarried and left her share to the other devizees;
-- Katherine, wife of Rev Godfrey Wooley
--Anne, wife of John Raper
and Honor the only child of his deceased sister Jane, then the wife of John Lowe, afterwards to William Graham. Mrs Graham sold her shares to John Raper and Edward Wolley (later Copley). 
Lamplugh, Anne (I965)
75 "Arthur Johnson DOB 15/7/1902, as he died 13/9/25 in a motorbike accident close to where they lived in Harrogate. My father Arthur James Newton was then named after him when he was born on 9 August 1927" Johnson, Arthur (I4303)
76 "Aunt Jane returned to after her husband's death and lived at 15 Greville Place, Maida Vale, where I stayed with her shortly before her death."
"She died very suddenly in the street, quite close to her home, from heart failure, on the way back from visiting some very old friends on March 17th 1913; she was in her 84th year" 
Syme, Jane Grace (I2074)
77 "Baptised at Wrine Hill Methodist Church LEONARD BEDSON son of MARY BEDSON (widow) on 18th June 1884
so he obviously wasn't baptised with the comment illegitimate. " 
Bedson, Leonard (I2380)
78 "BLAKENEY is a tithing of Awre and large village, three-and-a-half miles south from Newnham railway station, six-and-a-half miles south from Westbury, and 120 from London, situated on the Gloucester and Chepstow road, on the river Severn, and Gloucester and Swansea Railway; the nearest station is at Awre. The church of All Saints is a plain modern stone building; it has nave, porch, and small belfry with 1 bell. The register dates from the year 1813. The living is a vicarage, yearly value ?250, in the gift of the Haberdashers' Company, and held by the Rev. Charles Brooksbank, M. A., of Christ Church, Oxford. " Kelly's Post Office Directory of Awre 1870 Brooksbank, Rev Charles (I3307)
79 "Bucks Herald - British Newspaper Archive: Bucks Herald. ... The Herald changed ownership on 19th January 1856 when William Reed took over." Reed, William Stewart (I9749)
80 "By the time George Baron jr. died in 1854, Nathan was an elderly farmer in Bolton near Bradford and it was with some surprise that he was told that he had inherited the Clockhouse estates.

However, up pops Joseph Jowett, a poor hawker of blacking of Leeds who claimed to be the heir at law of Nathan Jowett, George Baron's uncle. Furthermore, he claimed that Nathan Atkinson's great grandmother Susanna Jowett never actually lived at Clockhouse, therefore was not "of Clockhouse" and therefore that he, Joseph, fulfilled the last clause of George Baron's will and was the rightful heir to the estate.

On the 21st of April 1855 the courts found in favour of Nathan Atkinson, and also on two subsequent appeals (December 1857 before Lord Cranworth and the Lord Justices, and in March 1860 at the House of Lords).

After his final victory, Nathan Atkinson (now named Nathan Atkinson Jowett), continued to work on his farm and drove his milk cart to into Bradford every morning - the richest milkman in England?" 
Atkinson, Nathan (I8068)
81 "Capt. Charles HUTTON 1809-1879, had "Strathdownie East" Station 1845-1848 (sp. Margaret SMITH, ch'n born Melbourne 1843-1854)" Hutton, Capt Charles (I8689)
82 "Certainbly his sons John Richard Powles and George Williams Powles held managerial positions in Joh Powles ventures in Columbia. His nephews Rivett Henry Bland and Evelyn Ward Powles went to work in Australia for the Port Phillip and Colonial Mining Company". Powles, John Richard (I804)
83 "Charles S. Ward, elder brother of Harry, was born in 1810, and died in his 89th year in December 18[99]. His was an interesting career, son of one who had been a small proprietor as well as coachman, and thus familiar from his birth with horses, he was driving the Ipswich and Norwich Mail as far as Colchester at the early age of 17, and was thus probably the youngest coachman ever entrusted with the conduct of a mail on any road. More fortunate, more business-like and far-seeing than the majority of his contemporaries, he ended as the prosperous proprietor of livery stables [a "job master"] in the Brompton Road, in whose yard he might be seen on sunny days during his last years sitting on a bench against the warm brick wall, and dozing the afternoons away". see Ward, Charles Smith (I7929)
84 "Charles Whitmore Babbage (1842 - 17 August 1923) their eldest son was a prize-winning student at Adelaide Educational Institution 1853-58. He accompanied his father on his journeys of exploration 1857-62 recording scenes in a small sketchbook which has been preserved.[20] He was a member of the Adelaide Philosophical Society and for some years its Honorary Secretary. He married Amelia Barton on 28 July 1869. While working as a teller with the Bank of Adelaide he started speculating on the Stock Exchange and losing money. On 1 July 1876 he was charged with embezzling ?1616 and in September was sentenced to seven years imprisonment for that and passing a fraudulent cheque.[21] During his internment his wife ran their home as a boarding house for students of Prince Alfred College[22] and ran drawing classes.[23] His family moved to New Zealand in 1881.[24] He was released from prison some time after 1880 and moved to New Zealand for a while farming in Wanganui then "Croftmoor" near Hawera from 1883[25] to 1894 then moved to St John's Hill Wanganui where he took an active role in local affairs and was a prominent member of the Camera Club and the Wanganui Astronomical Society.[26] He was active in the Beautifying Society and did much work on Virginia Lake. His wife was on the board of the Wanganui Orphanage from 1896 to 1918 and president from 1910. Their home ""Rotokawau" was on St John's Hill above the Winter Garden; the gully at the rear is called "Babbage's Gully".[27] He died at home after a brief illness." Babbage, Charles Whitmore (I9162)
85 "Chistopher remarried as 'Christopher Lampley' to Jane Hodgson at Weaverthorpe in 1687 (which is nearby) and the Garton register includes the burial of 'Jane Lamplugh wife of Christopher' in 1705." Hodgson, Jane (I1791)
86 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F2378
87 "Cordelia, was the daughter of the Revd Godfrey Wolley, Rector of Warmsworth, Thurnscoe & several other places, which made him the recipient of 6 stipends; his wife was a descendent of Archbishop Lamplugh & the Plantagenet kings. " Wolley, Cordelia (I1643)
88 "Daniel Stodhart Campbell on Tues 17 Dec 1839 was wed to Catherine Morris eldest daughter of James Smith,
witnesses Alfred Woolley and James Smith at St James Cathedral, Melbourn. Her sister Mary Ann Collis the same day wed Robert Russell. " 
Family F3499
89 "daughter of cleric and schoolmaster of Swillington" Lumb, Sarah (I1253)
Sally Fleetwood
Published in the Salisbury Journal on 26 February 15
FLEETWOOD Biddy Who for many years lived in Lower Bemerton, Salisbury, has died aged 98 in Maui, Hawaii, where she has lived for the last 8 years. She was very loved by the large family she has left behind who will miss her as a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Contact salfleetwood 
Brereton, Bridget Maureen (I9824)
91 "Died young." (Pedigree of Blackett of Wallington) Blackett, William (I5014)
92 "discoverer of the celebrated medical preparation called Blackdrop". Braithwaite, John Airey (I177)
93 "Dr. Babington was proprietor of the Estate of Daisy Hill, or Roe Park, near Newtown Limavady and Coleraine, Ireland, which he inherited from his grandfather, Captain Richard Babington, Quarter-Master of Derry and Co. Treasurer, who fought at the Battle of the Boyne. " Babington, Rev William AM, DD (I427)
94 "Edward Wood Stock, son of Edward Stock, Esq., of Poplar, born at Poplar 14 Ianuary 1832. Admitted a student of Lincolu's Inn 20 April 1849, called to the Bar 30 April 1857. Died 29 December at his residence, Wombrook, Chard, " Stock, Edward Wood LL.B (I8863)
95 "Elizabeth M. H., wife of the Rev. George Murray of Troquhain, died on the 25th March 1879, aged fifty-seven. " Hyslop, Elizabeth Murray (I7563)
96 "Elizabeth, m. to George Irton, esq. of Irton, died sp devising by will, dated 6 Nov 1773, her estate at Dovenby, to the Rev. Thomas Lamplugh, of Copgrove for life, with remainder, in default of male issue, to Peter Brougham, descended from Elizabeth Lamplugh of Lamplugh. He succeeded in 1783, and died in 1791 sp when Dovenby passed to his niece and heiress, Mary Dykes"

"Upon the demise in 1773 of Mrs Elizabeth Irton, daughter of this lady's nephew Thomas Lamplugh, the male line failing, this Elizabeth Brougham became ---- -general of the senior branch of the house of Lamplugh of Lamplugh which is now represented by her oldest male descendant and great-great-grandson Henry, Lord Brougham & Vaux." 
Lamplugh, Elizabeth (I1619)
97 "forty-nine architectural drawings of Kamp Kill Kare.....The drawings were prepared by Charles C. Hiscoe of the architectural firm of John Russell Pope, known for Beaux Arts designs such as the National Gallery of Art in Washington" see Hiscox, Charles Constantine (I5903)
98 "Frances, m. 1st, Rev. Jocelyn Willey, of Camblesforth Hall, Co. Yorks. ; 2nd, 1865, Sir Trevor Wheler, Bart., and d. 1872." Family F2499
99 "Frances-Marianne, m. to Charles Walsham Maynard, Esq., Capt. Royal Horse Artillery."

"At Bridgnorth Capt. Charles Walsham Maynard, RA, eldest s. of late Capt. Joseph Maynard, RN to Frances Marianne 4th dan of Arndell F. Sparkes, esq. of St John's Bridgnorth" 
Family F1112
100 "from them are descended the Westcombes of Worcester" Family F86

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