Tracing the disparate ancestries of four great families

Bath, Somerset



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Badger, Mary  Bath, Somerset I4087
2 Bishop, Daniel Phillott  1783Bath, Somerset I4090
3 Bishop, George  Abt 1751Bath, Somerset I4086
4 Bishop, George  Abt 1773Bath, Somerset I4088
5 Bishop, George  Abt 1791Bath, Somerset I4127
6 Bishop, Joseph Phillott  Abt 1785Bath, Somerset I4113
7 Bishop, Samuel  Abt 1787Bath, Somerset I4123
8 Bishop, Thomas George  Abt 1777Bath, Somerset I4089
9 Blackett, Herbert Edmund  1883Bath, Somerset I593
10 Blackett, Dr James Francis MD  1889Bath, Somerset I592
11 Blackett, Winifred Mary  1884Bath, Somerset I594
12 Channing, Henry  17 Oct 1819Bath, Somerset I6649
13 Didden, William G  1841Bath, Somerset I8230
14 Fagan, Brydget Horatia  28 Dec 1878Bath, Somerset I3869
15 Farr, Mary  24 May 1747Bath, Somerset I717
16 Gunning, Isabella Maria  1817Bath, Somerset I3773
17 Gunning, Sarah Anne  1806Bath, Somerset I3776
18 Hales, Elizabeth  1801Bath, Somerset I4836
19 Hall, Stephen Reginald Teverill  1891Bath, Somerset I666
20 Harbutt, Beryl Cambridge  Mar 1883Bath, Somerset I8373
21 Harbutt, Enid Cambridge  1886Bath, Somerset I8376
22 Harbutt, Eric Jefcoate Cambridge  12 Apr 1884Bath, Somerset I8374
23 Harbutt, Noel Cambridge  1877Bath, Somerset I8370
24 Harbutt, Olive Cambridge  Dec 1878Bath, Somerset I8372
25 Harbutt, Owen Cambridge  14 Jun 1889Bath, Somerset I8377
26 Heycock, Ann  1750Bath, Somerset I732
27 Lowder, Charles  1789Bath, Somerset I743
28 Lowder, Francis Rose  1830Bath, Somerset I3948
29 Lowder, William Henry  1831Bath, Somerset I3949
30 Lysaght, James Richard  1819Bath, Somerset I7975
31 Moulton, Lt Charles Eric  1889Bath, Somerset I6957
32 Phillott, Alice  1720Bath, Somerset I4809
33 Phillott, Ally  1769Bath, Somerset I3621
34 Phillott, Allye  1740Bath, Somerset I3792
35 Phillott, Betty  Abt 1727Bath, Somerset I3909
36 Phillott, Charles  1746Bath, Somerset I706
37 Phillott, Rev Charles MA  4 Sep 1774Bath, Somerset I718
38 Phillott, Capt Charles George Rodney  9 Nov 1782Bath, Somerset I738
39 Phillott, Charles Wright  1779Bath, Somerset I4051
40 Phillott, Daniel  Abt 1721Bath, Somerset I3810
41 Phillott, Elizabeth  1779Bath, Somerset I3800
42 Phillott, Ellen Gertrude  1849Bath, Somerset I4054
43 Phillott, Esther  1774Bath, Somerset I3798
44 Phillott, Fanny  1776Bath, Somerset I736
45 Phillott, Dr George MD  Abt 1781Bath, Somerset I3763
46 Phillott, Harriet Ann  Bef 21 Jun 1787Bath, Somerset I3759
47 Phillott, Henry  1748Bath, Somerset I731
48 Phillott, Lieut Col Henry CB  1773Bath, Somerset I2646
49 Phillott, Rev Canon Henry Wright MA  1816Bath, Somerset I684
50 Phillott, Rev James  Abt 1730Bath, Somerset I2791

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ashe, Laura Elizabeth  28 May 1836Bath, Somerset I9717
2 Bishop, Daniel Phillott  14 Mar 1810Bath, Somerset I4090
3 Bishop, George  10 Jan 1794Bath, Somerset I4086
4 Bishop, George  29 Jun 1839Bath, Somerset I4127
5 Blackett, Edmund Ralph  21 Feb 1933Bath, Somerset I586
6 Farr, Mary  1837Bath, Somerset I717
7 Fleury, Maria Francis  28 Mar 1868Bath, Somerset I31298
8 Grant, Rosinia Emeley Maria  1844Bath, Somerset I4933
9 Harbutt, Beryl Cambridge  Dec 1977Bath, Somerset I8373
10 Harbutt, Eric Jefcoate Cambridge  1969Bath, Somerset I8374
11 Harbutt, Olive Cambridge  10 Jan 1965Bath, Somerset I8372
12 Harris, Caroline  11 May 1852Bath, Somerset I2724
13 Hutton, Amy  30 Oct 1895Bath, Somerset I8698
14 Hutton, Jean Eleanora  Jul 1859Bath, Somerset I8703
15 King, Sarah  11 Oct 1801Bath, Somerset I2735
16 Lamplugh, Rev Alfred Barrett BA  12 Jul 1938Bath, Somerset I9120
17 Lamplugh, Hamilton Charles  1 Mar 1945Bath, Somerset I6403
18 Lowder, John  14 May 1810Bath, Somerset I3942
19 Milner, Shirley  Apr 2008Bath, Somerset I811
20 Phillott, Emily Fanny "Fanny"  1866Bath, Somerset I2813
21 Phillott, Harriett Laura  Sep 1852Bath, Somerset I2819
22 Phillott, Lieut Col Henry CB  Mar 1839Bath, Somerset I2646
23 Phillott, Ven James DD, Archdeacon of Bath  11 Jun 1815Bath, Somerset I713
24 Phillott, Rev James MA  30 Dec 1865Bath, Somerset I2713
25 Phillott, Marianne  Mar 1855Bath, Somerset I3760
26 Phillott, Mary  14 Mar 1832Bath, Somerset I4085
27 Phillott, Mary Louisa Eliza  1840Bath, Somerset I749
28 Phillott, Samuel  22 Apr 1776Bath, Somerset I730
29 Poyntz, Lieut Stephen  10 Dec 1872Bath, Somerset I3567
30 Smith, James JP  15 Jan 1870Bath, Somerset I8672
31 Smith, Julia  Dec 1896Bath, Somerset I5166
32 Smith, William Sperring  1910Bath, Somerset I850
33 Spencer, John 1st Earl Spencer  31 Oct 1783Bath, Somerset I3396
34 St Lawrance, Lady Frances  16 Jan 1842Bath, Somerset I714
35 Walford, Keziah Elizabeth  Mar 1921Bath, Somerset I738
36 Wheler, Sir Charles 7th Baronet  1821Bath, Somerset I6048
37 Wright, Ann  1806Bath, Somerset I709


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Beneficiary    Person ID 
1 Barton, Mary Jane  1884Bath, Somerset I2780
2 Farr, Mary  1837Bath, Somerset I717
3 Lathbury, Mary  1784Bath, Somerset I3912
4 Montefiore, Laura Judith  1884Bath, Somerset I5238
5 Phillott, Ally  3 Aug 1831Bath, Somerset I3621
6 Phillott, Charles  1784Bath, Somerset I706
7 Phillott, Rev Charles MA  1837Bath, Somerset I718
8 Phillott, Harriet Ann  1837Bath, Somerset I3759
9 Phillott, Harriet Ann  1855Bath, Somerset I3759
10 Phillott, Henry  1784Bath, Somerset I731
11 Phillott, Ven James DD, Archdeacon of Bath  1784Bath, Somerset I713
12 Phillott, Rev James MA  1815Bath, Somerset I2713
13 Phillott, Rev John Stevens MA  1815Bath, Somerset I348
14 Phillott, Johnson  3 Aug 1831Bath, Somerset I687
15 Phillott, Johnson  1855Bath, Somerset I687
16 Phillott, Joseph  1784Bath, Somerset I716
17 Phillott, Lucy  1837Bath, Somerset I3752
18 Phillott, Maria  1815Bath, Somerset I3789
19 Phillott, Marianne  3 Aug 1831Bath, Somerset I3760
20 Phillott, Marianne  1855Bath, Somerset I3760
21 Phillott, Mary Louisa Eliza  1837Bath, Somerset I749
22 Phillott, Sarah Ann  1815Bath, Somerset I3352
23 Phillott, Susannah  1784Bath, Somerset I3793
24 Slater, Rev James  1855Bath, Somerset I4081
25 Slater, John of Tunbridge Wells  1855Bath, Somerset I4077
26 Slater, William of Barnstaple  1855Bath, Somerset I4075
27 St Lawrance, Lady Frances  1815Bath, Somerset I714
28 Wilkins, Ellen Bisdee  1884Bath, Somerset I4067


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Gunning, Rev Peter MA  1805Bath, Somerset I3353
2 Lowder, Charles  1840Bath, Somerset I743
3 Lowder, John  Bath, Somerset I3942
4 Phillott, Charles  1773Bath, Somerset I706
5 Phillott, Charles  1784 to 1831Bath, Somerset I706
6 Phillott, Charles  1798Bath, Somerset I706
7 Phillott, Charles  1815Bath, Somerset I706
8 Phillott, Daniel  1721Bath, Somerset I729
9 Phillott, Johnson  1831Bath, Somerset I687
10 Phillott, Joseph  1736Bath, Somerset I715
11 Phillott, Joseph  1784Bath, Somerset I716
12 Slater, Charles Phillott  Bath, Somerset I4074
13 Slater, Thomas  1767Bath, Somerset I3761
14 Slater, Thomas  1812Bath, Somerset I3761
15 Slater, Thomas  1815Bath, Somerset I3761


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Lowder, John  1783Bath, Somerset I3942
2 Lowder, John  1794Bath, Somerset I3942


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Phillott, Ally  1855Bath, Somerset I3621
2 Phillott, Charles  3 Aug 1831Bath, Somerset I706
3 Phillott, Ven James DD, Archdeacon of Bath  1815Bath, Somerset I713
4 Phillott, Joseph  1784Bath, Somerset I715
5 Phillott, Marianne  1855Bath, Somerset I3760
6 Slater, Thomas  1850Bath, Somerset I3761
7 Wilkins, Charles Barns JP  1884Bath, Somerset I2820
8 Wright, Ann  Aft 1793Bath, Somerset I709
9 Wright, Henry of Bath  Abt 1790Bath, Somerset I3762


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Witness    Person ID 
1 Phillott, Joseph  1770Bath, Somerset I715


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Babington / Butterworth  Jun 1941Bath, Somerset F2654
2 Carus-Wilson / Maud  Oct 1852Bath, Somerset F3232
3 Cochrane / Lowndes  1843Bath, Somerset F3882
4 Cochrane / Wiltshire  3 Oct 1821Bath, Somerset F3883
5 Edmonds / Moutrie  1869Bath, Somerset F3305
6 Phillott /   Abt 1750Bath, Somerset F1878
7 Saunders / Walford  1865Bath, Somerset F197
8 Smith / Walford  Jun 1862Bath, Somerset F181
9 Strong / Havers  1932Bath, Somerset F2811
10 Wilkins / Barton  2 Sep 1876Bath, Somerset F612