Tracing the disparate ancestries of four great families

Betchton, Cheshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bickerton, George Griffin  1867Betchton, Cheshire I321
2 Birchenough, Cyril  26 Nov 1915Betchton, Cheshire I5044
3 Birchenough, Harold  22 Mar 1907Betchton, Cheshire I5049
4 Carless, Annie Maria  1869Betchton, Cheshire I4863
5 Carless, Arnold  1895Betchton, Cheshire I507
6 Carless, Elizabeth Ann  1866Betchton, Cheshire I4862
7 Carless, Ellen  1871Betchton, Cheshire I4864
8 Carless, Evelyn  1890Betchton, Cheshire I504
9 Carless, Harriet Jepson  1876Betchton, Cheshire I4810
10 Carless, Lilian  1893Betchton, Cheshire I505
11 Carless, Norman  1880Betchton, Cheshire I4865
12 Carless, Winifred  1889Betchton, Cheshire I503
13 Cheetham, Maria  1851Betchton, Cheshire I551
14 Delves, Hannah  1838Betchton, Cheshire I4713
15 Gorst, William  27 May 1857Betchton, Cheshire I5298
16 Greenwood, Maria  1885Betchton, Cheshire I2757
17 Johnson, Joseph  1818Betchton, Cheshire I401
18 Mace, William  1814Betchton, Cheshire I1700
19 Newton, George  1875Betchton, Cheshire I875
20 Oaksbury, Harriet  1838Betchton, Cheshire I4860


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Broad, Ralph  18 Aug 1852Betchton, Cheshire I586
2 Cheetham, Maria  1929Betchton, Cheshire I551
3 Greenwood, Maria  Sep 1927Betchton, Cheshire I2757
4 Greenwood, Thomas  1923Betchton, Cheshire I548


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Carless, Annie Maria  1891Betchton, Cheshire I4863
2 Carless, Elizabeth Ann  1891Betchton, Cheshire I4862
3 Carless, Ellen  1891Betchton, Cheshire I4864
4 Carless, Harriet Jepson  1891Betchton, Cheshire I4810
5 Carless, James  1891Betchton, Cheshire I4859
6 Carless, Norman  1891Betchton, Cheshire I4865
7 Carless, William George  1891Betchton, Cheshire I4861
8 Greenwood, Maria  1901Betchton, Cheshire I2757
9 Oaksbury, Harriet  1891Betchton, Cheshire I4860