Tracing the disparate ancestries of four great families

Betley, Staffordshire



Latitude: 53.03437727356036, Longitude: -2.3673487460326896


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1815Betley, Staffordshire I1620
2 Aldersea, Alfred  1846Betley, Staffordshire I1482
3 Ashley, Arthur  1902Betley, Staffordshire I1622
4 Ashley, Charles  1867Betley, Staffordshire I972
5 Ashley, Elsie  1893Betley, Staffordshire I984
6 Ashley, George  Jan 1852Betley, Staffordshire I981
7 Ashley, George William  1900Betley, Staffordshire I985
8 Ashley, Mary  1841Betley, Staffordshire I1617
9 Ashley, Miriam  1893Betley, Staffordshire I982
10 Ashley, Thomas  1865Betley, Staffordshire I1621
11 Barratt, Ethel Mary  25 Dec 1878Betley, Staffordshire I971
12 Bedson, Alice  1870Betley, Staffordshire I968
13 Bedson, Annie  1883Betley, Staffordshire I1497
14 Bedson, Augusta Annie  1871Betley, Staffordshire I969
15 Bedson, Blanche Louisa  1889Betley, Staffordshire I989
16 Bedson, Christina  1850Betley, Staffordshire I962
17 Bedson, Deborah  1865Betley, Staffordshire I966
18 Bedson, Eli  21 Apr 1836Betley, Staffordshire I1003
19 Bedson, Eli  1860Betley, Staffordshire I1647
20 Bedson, Elizabeth  1868Betley, Staffordshire I967
21 Bedson, Fanny Elizabeth  17 Aug 1885Betley, Staffordshire I2179
22 Bedson, Harriett  1877Betley, Staffordshire I987
23 Bedson, Henry Herod  Abt 1826Betley, Staffordshire I1006
24 Bedson, James  1826Betley, Staffordshire I955
25 Bedson, James  Sep 1881Betley, Staffordshire I986
26 Bedson, James  6 Jul 1895Betley, Staffordshire I975
27 Bedson, Janet  Sep 1893Betley, Staffordshire I991
28 Bedson, John  3 Mar 1873Betley, Staffordshire I973
29 Bedson, Leonard  6 Jun 1884Betley, Staffordshire I2380
30 Bedson, Louisa "Lisa"  1855Betley, Staffordshire I964
31 Bedson, Mary  Abt 1831Betley, Staffordshire I1004
32 Bedson, Mary Ellen  1861Betley, Staffordshire I965
33 Bedson, Nellie  1885Betley, Staffordshire I1495
34 Bedson, Priscilla  1887Betley, Staffordshire I1047
35 Bedson, Samuel  1854Betley, Staffordshire I963
36 Bedson, Samuel Lawrence  Abt 1822Betley, Staffordshire I994
37 Bedson, Lt Col Samuel Lawrence  13 Feb 1849Betley, Staffordshire I995
38 Bedson, Thomas  Abt 1829Betley, Staffordshire I1005
39 Bedson, William  Abt 1824Betley, Staffordshire I1000
40 Bedson, William  1857Betley, Staffordshire I2358
41 Bedson, William  1884Betley, Staffordshire I980
42 Cockbain, Henry  Abt 15 Mar 1830Betley, Staffordshire I1654
43 Cockbain, Henry  Bef 26 Jun 1831Betley, Staffordshire I648
44 Cockbain, Margaret Anne  1826Betley, Staffordshire I645
45 Hewitt, Elizabeth  29 Nov 1777Betley, Staffordshire I1009
46 Ikin, Herbert  Abt 1878Betley, Staffordshire I1045
47 Keen, Mary  3 Jun 1862Betley, Staffordshire I2369
48 Keen, William  Abt 1840Betley, Staffordshire I958
49 Lightfoot, David  1902Betley, Staffordshire I1644
50 Lightfoot, James  1904Betley, Staffordshire I1645

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Aldersea, Alfred  1 Nov 1846Betley, Staffordshire I1482
2 Ashley, Charles  13 Apr 1867Betley, Staffordshire I972
3 Ashley, George  30 May 1852Betley, Staffordshire I981
4 Ashley, Mary  14 Feb 1841Betley, Staffordshire I1617
5 Ashley, Thomas  12 Aug 1866Betley, Staffordshire I1621
6 Barratt, Ethel Mary  9 Mar 1879Betley, Staffordshire I971
7 Bedson, Eli  30 Apr 1860Betley, Staffordshire I1647
8 Bedson, Elizabeth  1 Mar 1868Betley, Staffordshire I967
9 Bedson, Henry Herod  1 Oct 1826Betley, Staffordshire I1006
10 Bedson, James  23 Oct 1881Betley, Staffordshire I986
11 Bedson, Janet  10 Jan 1894Betley, Staffordshire I991
12 Bedson, Louisa "Lisa"  27 Jun 1855Betley, Staffordshire I964
13 Bedson, Mary  18 Dec 1831Betley, Staffordshire I1004
14 Bedson, Samuel Lawrence  6 Feb 1822Betley, Staffordshire I994
15 Bedson, Thomas  25 Feb 1829Betley, Staffordshire I1005
16 Bedson, William  21 Mar 1824Betley, Staffordshire I1000
17 Bedson, William  9 Nov 1884Betley, Staffordshire I980
18 Cockbain, Henry  16 Mar 1830Betley, Staffordshire I1654
19 Cockbain, Henry  26 Jun 1831Betley, Staffordshire I648
20 Cockbain, Margaret Anne  10 Jun 1826Betley, Staffordshire I645
21 Hewitt, Elizabeth  8 Jan 1778Betley, Staffordshire I1009
22 Keen, Mary  24 Aug 1862Betley, Staffordshire I2369


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ashley, George  Dec 1905Betley, Staffordshire I981
2 Bedson, Augusta Annie  1953Betley, Staffordshire I969
3 Bedson, Christina  1931Betley, Staffordshire I962
4 Bedson, Eli  Jun 1860Betley, Staffordshire I1647
5 Bedson, James  1955Betley, Staffordshire I986
6 Bedson, Leonard  1947Betley, Staffordshire I2380
7 Bedson, Louisa "Lisa"  Mar 1910Betley, Staffordshire I964
8 Bedson, Ralph  1869Betley, Staffordshire I992
9 Birchall, Gertrude Alice "Gertie"  10 Jul 1977Betley, Staffordshire I2424
10 Chesters, Salome  24 Oct 1850Betley, Staffordshire I1499
11 Cockbain, Henry  Abt 17 Mar 1830Betley, Staffordshire I1654
12 Madeley, Elizabeth  1836Betley, Staffordshire I993
13 Martin, Ann  Dec 1885Betley, Staffordshire I996
14 Massey, Elizabeth  1902Betley, Staffordshire I957


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cockbain, Henry  19 Mar 1830Betley, Staffordshire I1654


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1871Betley, Staffordshire I1620
2 Elizabeth  1881Betley, Staffordshire I1620
3 Ashley, Arthur  1911Betley, Staffordshire I1622
4 Ashley, Charles  1871Betley, Staffordshire I972
5 Ashley, Charles  1881Betley, Staffordshire I972
6 Ashley, Charles  1901Betley, Staffordshire I972
7 Ashley, Charles  1911Betley, Staffordshire I972
8 Ashley, Elsie  1901Betley, Staffordshire I984
9 Ashley, George  1871Betley, Staffordshire I1619
10 Ashley, George  1871Betley, Staffordshire I981
11 Ashley, George  1881Betley, Staffordshire I1619
12 Ashley, George  1881Betley, Staffordshire I981
13 Ashley, George  1901Betley, Staffordshire I981
14 Ashley, George William  1901Betley, Staffordshire I985
15 Ashley, George William  1911Betley, Staffordshire I985
16 Ashley, Mary  1871Betley, Staffordshire I1617
17 Ashley, Mary  1881Betley, Staffordshire I1617
18 Ashley, Miriam  1901Betley, Staffordshire I982
19 Ashley, Thomas  1871Betley, Staffordshire I1621
20 Ashley, Thomas  1881Betley, Staffordshire I1621
21 Barratt, Ethel Mary  1881Betley, Staffordshire I971
22 Bedson, Alice  1871Betley, Staffordshire I968
23 Bedson, Alice  1881Betley, Staffordshire I968
24 Bedson, Alice  1891Betley, Staffordshire I968
25 Bedson, Alice  1901Betley, Staffordshire I968
26 Bedson, Annie  1891Betley, Staffordshire I1497
27 Bedson, Augusta Annie  1881Betley, Staffordshire I969
28 Bedson, Augusta Annie  1891Betley, Staffordshire I969
29 Bedson, Augusta Annie  1901Betley, Staffordshire I969
30 Bedson, Augusta Annie  1911Betley, Staffordshire I969
31 Bedson, Blanche Louisa  1891Betley, Staffordshire I989
32 Bedson, Blanche Louisa  1901Betley, Staffordshire I989
33 Bedson, Christina  1851Betley, Staffordshire I962
34 Bedson, Christina  1861Betley, Staffordshire I962
35 Bedson, Christina  1871Betley, Staffordshire I962
36 Bedson, Christina  1891Betley, Staffordshire I962
37 Bedson, Christina  1901Betley, Staffordshire I962
38 Bedson, Christina  1911Betley, Staffordshire I962
39 Bedson, Deborah  1871Betley, Staffordshire I966
40 Bedson, Deborah  1891Betley, Staffordshire I966
41 Bedson, Elizabeth  1871Betley, Staffordshire I967
42 Bedson, Elizabeth  1901Betley, Staffordshire I967
43 Bedson, Fanny Elizabeth  1891Betley, Staffordshire I2179
44 Bedson, Fanny Elizabeth  1901Betley, Staffordshire I2179
45 Bedson, Harriett  1901Betley, Staffordshire I987
46 Bedson, Harriett  1911Betley, Staffordshire I987
47 Bedson, James  1841Betley, Staffordshire I955
48 Bedson, James  1851Betley, Staffordshire I955
49 Bedson, James  1861Betley, Staffordshire I955
50 Bedson, James  1871Betley, Staffordshire I955

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bagguley / Lightfoot  1920Betley, Staffordshire F566
2 Glover / Bedson  1913Betley, Staffordshire F309
3 Swinnerton / Dayson  Dec 1880Betley, Staffordshire F402