Tracing the disparate ancestries of four great families

Camberwell, London



Latitude: 51.4818300, Longitude: -0.0699550


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bagshaw, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1837Camberwell, London I6399
2 Blackett, Emily Sophia  1 Jul 1826Camberwell, London I67
3 Blackett, Russell  30 Dec 1822Camberwell, London I66
4 Campbell, Anne Christine  1812Camberwell, London I8735
5 Campbell, Daniel Stodhart  1812Camberwell, London I8671
6 de Morgan, George Campbell  1841Camberwell, London I5966
7 de Morgan, William Frend  1839Camberwell, London I5965
8 Field, Sophia  2 Jun 1826Camberwell, London I49
9 Hammond, Douglas William Jaie  23 Nov 1923Camberwell, London I1291
10 Hartnoll, Elizabeth Mary "Lillie"  14 Oct 1875Camberwell, London I4755
11 Hewison, Benjamin  25 Jun 1862Camberwell, London I3801
12 Hewison, Evelyn Margaret "Eva"  16 Jan 1869Camberwell, London I3794
13 Hewison, Jessie Sarah  28 Apr 1864Camberwell, London I936
14 Hewison, Norman William  27 Jun 1866Camberwell, London I937
15 Hope, Rev Sackett MA  17 Jul 1840Camberwell, London I6906
16 Mills, Adelaide  29 Jul 1830Camberwell, London I2871
17 Mills, Edward  1828Camberwell, London I53
18 Mills, Richard  1827Camberwell, London I52
19 Roxby, Carus Wilson  26 Dec 1845Camberwell, London I5979
20 Roxby, Capt Herbert RN  9 Feb 1848Camberwell, London I5980
21 Smith, Catherine Morris  8 Mar 1819Camberwell, London I8670
22 Smith, Helen Gibb  15 Dec 1827Camberwell, London I8684
23 Withington, Elizabeth Caroline  12 Mar 1834Camberwell, London I7181


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Browne, Henry John Dolben  1877Camberwell, London I9653
2 Hewison, Benjamin  1881Camberwell, London I3801
3 Hewison, Jessie Sarah  1867Camberwell, London I936
4 Hewison, Norman William  1867Camberwell, London I937
5 Lamplugh, Edward Addy  1857Camberwell, London I9043
6 Molyneux, Elizabeth  1871Camberwell, London I3702
7 Voguell, Marianne  Feb 1800Camberwell, London I8837
8 Withington, Thomas Scholes  11 Aug 1838Camberwell, London I7177


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Harriett  1841Camberwell, London I51
2 Harriett  1851Camberwell, London I51
3 Brooksbank, Ethel  1861Camberwell, London I960
4 Brooksbank, Stephen Poyntz CE  1861Camberwell, London I958
5 Brooksbank, Rev Walter MA  1861Camberwell, London I900
6 Denning, Elizabeth Jane  1851Camberwell, London I955
7 Denning, Elizabeth Jane  1861Camberwell, London I955
8 Denning, Matilda Ann  1851Camberwell, London I18
9 Denning, Rev Stephen Poyntz MA  1851Camberwell, London I3967
10 Denning, Stephen Poyntz  1851Camberwell, London I956
11 Denning, Stephen Poyntz  1861Camberwell, London I956
12 Mereweather, Matilda  1851Camberwell, London I964
13 Mereweather, Matilda  1861Camberwell, London I964
14 Mills, Adelaide  1841Camberwell, London I2871
15 Mills, Adelaide  1851Camberwell, London I2871
16 Mills, Edward  1841Camberwell, London I53
17 Mills, Edward  1851Camberwell, London I53
18 Mills, Richard  1841Camberwell, London I50
19 Mills, Richard  1841Camberwell, London I52
20 Mills, Richard  1851Camberwell, London I50
21 Mills, Richard  1851Camberwell, London I52
22 Spicer, Catherine  1881Camberwell, London I4651
23 Spicer, Mary Jane  1881Camberwell, London I4650
24 Spicer, Rosina Fanny  1881Camberwell, London I4652
25 Spicer, Teresa Frances Jones  1881Camberwell, London I4648


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blackett / Field  8 Jun 1848Camberwell, London F30
2 Blackett / Mills  Aug 1858Camberwell, London F1106
3 Brooksbank / Denning  29 May 1855Camberwell, London F306
4 Hall / Tapley  23 Mar 1869Camberwell, London F377