Tracing the disparate ancestries of four great families

Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Alexander  4 Aug 1844Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3807
2 Anderson, Barbara  7 Feb 1827Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3739
3 Anderson, Barbara M  1862Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I305
4 Anderson, Charlotte Blair  17 Jan 1842Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3808
5 Anderson, Elizabeth  1860Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I744
6 Anderson, James  24 Aug 1834Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3815
7 Anderson, James Urquhart  16 Sep 1799Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3805
8 Anderson, Jannet "Jessie"  22 Jul 1830Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3816
9 Anderson, John King  5 Dec 1832Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3818
10 Anderson, Magnus  1761Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3811
11 Anderson, Margaret  3 Oct 1805Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3831
12 Anderson, Margaret Scarth  11 Sep 1828Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3800
13 Anderson, William  16 Nov 1803Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3830
14 Anderson, William  12 Aug 1839Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3820
15 Chalmers, Margaret  1819Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I975
16 Eunson, Anne  16 Nov 1764Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3295
17 Eunson, David  7 Sep 1769Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3406
18 Eunson, Helen  8 Feb 1764Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3829
19 Eunson, Magnus  Abt 1740Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I473
20 Eunson, Magnus  21 Jun 1767Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3517
21 Eunson, Thomas  9 Nov 1762Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3628
22 Foulis or Foubister, Margaret  1776Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I303
23 Fubister, Katharina  Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I472
24 Hewison, Agnes Haycock  1830Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I754
25 Hewison, Benjamin  1785Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I664
26 Hewison, Benjamin  1 Oct 1828Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3799
27 Hewison, George  5 Dec 1803Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3812
28 Hewison, George  29 Jul 1832Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I755
29 Hewison, Horace Musgrave  1849Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I970
30 Hewison, Jane  1839Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I304
31 Hewison, Margaret  1828Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I753
32 Hewison, Sarah Ann  1844Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I973
33 Hewison, William  1847Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I971
34 Reid, Jessie  1817Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I471
35 Reid, William  1776Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I762


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Barbara  29 Apr 1827Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3739
2 Anderson, James Urquhart  27 Oct 1799Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3805
3 Anderson, Jannet "Jessie"  8 Aug 1830Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3816
4 Anderson, John King  23 Dec 1832Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3818
5 Anderson, Margaret Scarth  28 Sep 1828Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3800
6 Anderson, William  8 Sep 1839Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3820
7 Eunson, Helen  17 Feb 1764Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3829
8 Eunson, Magnus  Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I473
9 Eunson, Thomas  14 Nov 1762Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3628
10 Hewison, Agnes Haycock  5 Dec 1830Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I754
11 Hewison, Benjamin  2 Nov 1828Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3799
12 Hewison, Horace Musgrave  Jul 1850Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I970
13 Hewison, Margaret  2 Nov 1828Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I753


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, James  25 Apr 1912Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3815
2 Anderson, James Urquhart  10 Oct 1874Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3805
3 Chalmers, Janet  13 Jan 1885Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3813
4 Hewison, George  1861Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3812
5 King, Janet  8 Apr 1861Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3810
6 Maxwell, Janet  Bef 1862Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I761
7 Reid, Jessie  15 Oct 1897Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I471
8 Reid, William  Bef 1862Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I762
9 Wilson, Elizabeth  13 Aug 1891Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I742


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Barbara M  1881Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I305
2 Anderson, Barbara M  1891Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I305
3 Anderson, Elizabeth  1881Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I744
4 Anderson, James  1881Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3815
5 Anderson, James  1891Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3815
6 Anderson, Jessie  1881Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I306
7 Anderson, Jessie  1891Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I306
8 Anderson, Margaret S  1881Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I339
9 Anderson, Margaret S  1891Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I339
10 Maxwell, Janet  1851Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I761
11 Reid, William  1851Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I762
12 Wilson, Elizabeth  1881Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I742
13 Wilson, Elizabeth  1891Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I742


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Anderson, James Urquhart  Apr 1876Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3805
2 Reid, Jessie  10 Oct 1874Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I471


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Witness    Person ID 
1 Anderson, James  1858Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3815
2 Anderson, James  1861Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3815
3 Anderson, James Urquhart  1858Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3805
4 Chalmers, Janet  1858Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3813
5 Hewison, George  1858Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3812
6 King, Janet  1858Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3810


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anderson / Eunson  9 Aug 1802Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland F1409
2 Anderson / King  4 May 1826Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland F1405
3 Anderson / Seater  10 Jul 1790Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland F1408
4 Eunson / Fubister  17 Oct 1760Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland F156
5 Flett / Hewison  4 Sep 1851Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland F381