Tracing the disparate ancestries of four great families

Preston, Lancashire



Latitude: 53.763201, Longitude: -2.7030899999999747


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anny  1825Preston, Lancashire I1172
2 Ashworth, William  1781Preston, Lancashire I778
3 Ball, Mary Ellen  1852Preston, Lancashire I704
4 Bee, John  1862Preston, Lancashire I1169
5 Bennett, Henry William  15 Nov 1818Preston, Lancashire I597
6 Booth, Jane  1748Preston, Lancashire I602
7 Bromley, Mary Ann  1825Preston, Lancashire I1155
8 Catterall, Paul  1806Preston, Lancashire I615
9 Cooke, Margaret  1818Preston, Lancashire I3868
10 Cooper, Alfred B  1864Preston, Lancashire I680
11 Cooper, Alice  22 Sep 1868Preston, Lancashire I682
12 Cooper, Annie  1858Preston, Lancashire I678
13 Cooper, Benjamin  12 Apr 1824Preston, Lancashire I673
14 Cooper, Edward  30 Apr 1852Preston, Lancashire I620
15 Cooper, Edward  1880Preston, Lancashire I1167
16 Cooper, Edwin  Mar 1852Preston, Lancashire I676
17 Cooper, Elizabeth  1850Preston, Lancashire I675
18 Cooper, Emma  10 Aug 1866Preston, Lancashire I681
19 Cooper, Joseph  10 May 1857Preston, Lancashire I695
20 Cooper, Margaret Ellen  8 Feb 1859Preston, Lancashire I671
21 Cooper, Margaret White  1861Preston, Lancashire I679
22 Cooper, Mary Jane  1857Preston, Lancashire I333
23 Cooper, Richard  1856Preston, Lancashire I694
24 Cooper, William  11 Jul 1812Preston, Lancashire I692
25 Cooper, William  12 Oct 1849Preston, Lancashire I691
26 Cooper, William  1881Preston, Lancashire I427
27 Croasdale, Mary  22 Mar 1814Preston, Lancashire I307
28 Crooke, Herbert  Mar 1860Preston, Lancashire I3458
29 Crooke, Ida  1866Preston, Lancashire I3463
30 Crooke, Kate  1856Preston, Lancashire I113
31 Crooke, Mary Alice  1862Preston, Lancashire I3460
32 Crooke, Reginald  1851Preston, Lancashire I2
33 Crooke, Reginald Houghton  1863Preston, Lancashire I3461
34 Crooke, Walter  1861Preston, Lancashire I3459
35 Dewhurst, Alfred  1855Preston, Lancashire I663
36 Dewhurst, Charlotte  Apr 1858Preston, Lancashire I315
37 Dewhurst, John  Bef 22 Apr 1827Preston, Lancashire I316
38 Dewhurst, John James  1863Preston, Lancashire I318
39 Dewhurst, Priscilla  1860Preston, Lancashire I317
40 Dewhurst, William  Abt 1800Preston, Lancashire I319
41 Gorner, Esther  1822Preston, Lancashire I815
42 Hibbert, Alice  1858Preston, Lancashire I646
43 Horrocks, Mary  1776Preston, Lancashire I600
44 Margerison, Charlotte Dewhurst  12 Jan 1888Preston, Lancashire I322
45 Margerison, Clive  1882Preston, Lancashire I659
46 Margerison, Eleanor Margaret  9 Jun 1892Preston, Lancashire I3865
47 Margerison, Florence  Mar 1882Preston, Lancashire I336
48 Margerison, Frederic Cecil  2 Nov 1890Preston, Lancashire I338
49 Margerison, George  27 Jun 1787Preston, Lancashire I709
50 Margerison, James  1840Preston, Lancashire I308

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Thompson, Martha  13 Sep 1733Preston, Lancashire I3045
2 Whitehead, Mary Eleanor  2 Apr 1841Preston, Lancashire I2852


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ainscow, Ann  1855Preston, Lancashire I3620
2 Ashworth, William  Jan 1847Preston, Lancashire I778
3 Ball, Mary Ellen  1891Preston, Lancashire I704
4 Catterall, Paul  1874Preston, Lancashire I615
5 Cooke, Margaret  Mar 1893Preston, Lancashire I3868
6 Cooper, Benjamin  10 Dec 1892Preston, Lancashire I673
7 Cooper, Emma  11 Sep 1871Preston, Lancashire I681
8 Cooper, Margaret Ellen  1893Preston, Lancashire I671
9 Cooper, Mary Jane  27 Aug 1914Preston, Lancashire I333
10 Cooper, William  14 Sep 1859Preston, Lancashire I692
11 Cooper, William Henry  10 Aug 1909Preston, Lancashire I672
12 Croasdale, Mary  19 Dec 1848Preston, Lancashire I307
13 Crooke, Ida  Sep 1935Preston, Lancashire I3463
14 Cross, Eleanor  17 Jan 1847Preston, Lancashire I3063
15 Dewhurst, Charlotte  6 Jan 1888Preston, Lancashire I315
16 Dewhurst, Priscilla  21 Feb 1908Preston, Lancashire I317
17 Drew, Patrick Thomas Frederick  Jul 1987Preston, Lancashire I5404
18 Jenkinson, Margaret  Aug 1840Preston, Lancashire I641
19 Margerison, Elizabeth Ann "Lizzie"  1926Preston, Lancashire I310
20 Margerison, Harry Cooke  1973Preston, Lancashire I686
21 Margerison, Isaac  Mar 1837Preston, Lancashire I711
22 Margerison, James  Jan 1907Preston, Lancashire I308
23 Margerison, Mary  2 Mar 1849Preston, Lancashire I309
24 Margerison, Mary Louise  1979Preston, Lancashire I337
25 Parker, Margaret  10 Feb 1662Preston, Lancashire I2201
26 Rigby, William Neville  1989Preston, Lancashire I804
27 Seed, Ann Ellenor "Nellie"  1877Preston, Lancashire I3902
28 Seed, John  1839Preston, Lancashire I3881
29 Seed, Mary Florence Louise  1894Preston, Lancashire I1049
30 Seed, Mary Jane  Sep 1852Preston, Lancashire I325
31 Seed, Thurston  14 Feb 1837Preston, Lancashire I4627
32 Seed, William  1904Preston, Lancashire I968
33 Shaw, Ann  24 Nov 1868Preston, Lancashire I3882
34 Shaw, Ellen  1904Preston, Lancashire I1042
35 Smith, Zipporah  26 Nov 1846Preston, Lancashire I684
36 Taylor, Jane  1861Preston, Lancashire I1040
37 Thompson, Martha  1820Preston, Lancashire I3045
38 Toulmin, John Pomfret  20 Jun 1928Preston, Lancashire I1062
39 Tyrell, Priscilla  Mar 1881Preston, Lancashire I321
40 White, Ann  May 1880Preston, Lancashire I674
41 Whitehead, Ann Eliza  1874Preston, Lancashire I607
42 Whitehead, Harriet Susannah  Jun 1867Preston, Lancashire I606
43 Whitehead, John  1810Preston, Lancashire I599
44 Whitehead, Joseph  1799Preston, Lancashire I1229
45 Wilson, Lilian Eccleston  1948Preston, Lancashire I661


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cross, Eleanor  14 Feb 1847Preston, Lancashire I3063
2 Margerison, Isaac  15 Mar 1837Preston, Lancashire I711


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Beneficiary    Person ID 
1 Whitehead, Hannah  1866Preston, Lancashire I3877
2 Whitehead, Mary Eleanor  1866Preston, Lancashire I2852


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Ainscow, Ann  1851Preston, Lancashire I3620
2 Bromley, Ann  1851Preston, Lancashire I2851
3 Seed, Ann Ellenor "Nellie"  1851Preston, Lancashire I3902
4 Seed, John  1851Preston, Lancashire I3635
5 Seed, Mary Jane  1851Preston, Lancashire I325
6 Seed, Mary Louisa  1871Preston, Lancashire I3860
7 Seed, Miles Ainscow  1851Preston, Lancashire I3903
8 Seed, Richard  1851Preston, Lancashire I3791
9 Seed, Robert  1851Preston, Lancashire I3904
10 Shaw, Ann  1851Preston, Lancashire I3882
11 Whitehead, Ann Elizabeth  1851Preston, Lancashire I3061
12 Whitehead, Hannah  1881Preston, Lancashire I3877
13 Whitehead, Mary Eleanor  1851Preston, Lancashire I2852


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Margerison, Joshua  1880 to 1950Preston, Lancashire I3867
2 Seed, Richard  1856Preston, Lancashire I3791


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Whitehead, John  1866Preston, Lancashire I1348


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ashworth / Shaw  Jul 1839Preston, Lancashire F288
2 Cooper / Ball  1875Preston, Lancashire F273
3 Cooper / Margerison  Sep 1888Preston, Lancashire F261
4 Cooper / Martin  1848Preston, Lancashire F265
5 Cooper / White  Dec 1847Preston, Lancashire F262
6 Cross / Eaton  1765Preston, Lancashire F1171
7 Margerison / Cooper  1885Preston, Lancashire F260
8 Margerison / Porter  1900Preston, Lancashire F264
9 Margerison / Seed  1891Preston, Lancashire F1428
10 Margerison / Wilson  1909Preston, Lancashire F259
11 Noble / Seed  Jun 1876Preston, Lancashire F389
12 Seed / Ainscow  Dec 1838Preston, Lancashire F1352
13 Seed / Shaw  Sep 1844Preston, Lancashire F388
14 Seed / Taylor  1844Preston, Lancashire F385
15 Toulmin / Seed  1869Preston, Lancashire F391