Tracing the disparate ancestries of four great families

Wilmslow, Cheshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Phebe  1778Wilmslow, Cheshire I422
2 Alcock, Ada  1865Wilmslow, Cheshire I3568
3 Alcock, Albert  1871Wilmslow, Cheshire I3556
4 Alcock, Alice  1871Wilmslow, Cheshire I3468
5 Alcock, Ann G  1861Wilmslow, Cheshire I253
6 Alcock, Arthur Dean  1887Wilmslow, Cheshire I3585
7 Alcock, Bertha  1859Wilmslow, Cheshire I3553
8 Alcock, Edward  1842Wilmslow, Cheshire I239
9 Alcock, Edward  1867Wilmslow, Cheshire I3298
10 Alcock, Edward  1897Wilmslow, Cheshire I3311
11 Alcock, Edwin  1868Wilmslow, Cheshire I3569
12 Alcock, Elizabeth  1876Wilmslow, Cheshire I3403
13 Alcock, George  1854Wilmslow, Cheshire I3575
14 Alcock, George Arthur  1861Wilmslow, Cheshire I3554
15 Alcock, George Edwin  1889Wilmslow, Cheshire I3586
16 Alcock, Hannah Mary  1855Wilmslow, Cheshire I3416
17 Alcock, Harry  1862Wilmslow, Cheshire I3555
18 Alcock, Henry  1839Wilmslow, Cheshire I238
19 Alcock, James  1835Wilmslow, Cheshire I241
20 Alcock, Jessie  1869Wilmslow, Cheshire I3367
21 Alcock, John  1865Wilmslow, Cheshire I3469
22 Alcock, John  1886Wilmslow, Cheshire I3582
23 Alcock, John Henshall  19 Nov 1832Wilmslow, Cheshire I3552
24 Alcock, John Thomas Norbury  20 Sep 1894Wilmslow, Cheshire I3323
25 Alcock, John W  1852Wilmslow, Cheshire I3576
26 Alcock, Lilian  1873Wilmslow, Cheshire I3379
27 Alcock, Mary E  1863Wilmslow, Cheshire I3570
28 Alcock, Mary Jane  1845Wilmslow, Cheshire I240
29 Alcock, Phoebe  1857Wilmslow, Cheshire I3391
30 Alcock, Sarah  1827Wilmslow, Cheshire I243
31 Alcock, Thomas  1859Wilmslow, Cheshire I3355
32 Alcock, William  1863Wilmslow, Cheshire I3467
33 Goodier, Ann  15 Dec 1805Wilmslow, Cheshire I3549
34 Goodier, Samuel  1779Wilmslow, Cheshire I153
35 Henshall, John  19 Apr 1801Wilmslow, Cheshire I3343
36 Henshall, Mary  24 Mar 1799Wilmslow, Cheshire I419
37 Henshall, Sarah  24 Mar 1799Wilmslow, Cheshire I3342
38 Henshall, William  1782Wilmslow, Cheshire I421
39 Henshall, William  1 Sep 1805Wilmslow, Cheshire I3344
40 Norbury, William  1828Wilmslow, Cheshire I3587
41 Worstencroft, Mary  Abt 1774Wilmslow, Cheshire I154


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Goodier, Samuel  3 May 1779Wilmslow, Cheshire I153
2 Henshall, William  30 Jun 1782Wilmslow, Cheshire I421


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1878Wilmslow, Cheshire I3567
2 Phebe  1848Wilmslow, Cheshire I422
3 Alcock, George  1857Wilmslow, Cheshire I3546
4 Alcock, George Arthur  1889Wilmslow, Cheshire I3554
5 Alcock, George Edwin  1892Wilmslow, Cheshire I3586
6 Alcock, Harry  1929Wilmslow, Cheshire I3555
7 Alcock, John  1865Wilmslow, Cheshire I3469
8 Alcock, John Henshall  1881Wilmslow, Cheshire I3552
9 Alcock, Mary E  1893Wilmslow, Cheshire I3570
10 Alcock, Phebe  1838Wilmslow, Cheshire I2779
11 Alcock, Thomas  1911Wilmslow, Cheshire I3335
12 Alcock, Thomas  1932Wilmslow, Cheshire I3355
13 Ashbrook, John  1903Wilmslow, Cheshire I420
14 Goodier, Samuel  1859Wilmslow, Cheshire I153
15 Henshall, William  1851Wilmslow, Cheshire I421
16 Norbury, Anne  14 Oct 1897Wilmslow, Cheshire I3345
17 Norbury, Thomas  Aug 1888Wilmslow, Cheshire I3548


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Alcock, Albert  1871Wilmslow, Cheshire I3556
2 Alcock, George  1841Wilmslow, Cheshire I3546
3 Alcock, Henry  1841Wilmslow, Cheshire I238
4 Alcock, James  1841Wilmslow, Cheshire I241
5 Alcock, John Henshall  1841Wilmslow, Cheshire I3552
6 Alcock, Sarah  1841Wilmslow, Cheshire I243
7 Alcock, William  1841Wilmslow, Cheshire I3572
8 Brown, Emma  1891Wilmslow, Cheshire I3581
9 Henshall, Mary  1841Wilmslow, Cheshire I419


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Goodier / Worstencroft  27 Sep 1801Wilmslow, Cheshire F42