Tracing the disparate ancestries of four great families

Wisbech, Cambridgeshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Addison, Alice  1847Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I261
2 Beagle, Lily Maria  28 Apr 1897Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I323
3 Biggs, Elizabeth  1864Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I1868
4 Cooper, Cissie Maud "Cis"  12 Jul 1913Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I336
5 Cooper, Jane  1787Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I228
6 Cooper, Percy W  11 Mar 1917Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I4741
7 Cooper, Susan  1809Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I232
8 Coward, Hayden "Ted"  21 Jan 1933Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I3948
9 Davidson, Deanna Rose  23 Mar 1953Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I460
10 Duff, Alfred  Sep 1852Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I73
11 Duff, Ann  1821Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I240
12 Duff, Annie Mary  1873Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I77
13 Duff, Charlotte  1828Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I245
14 Duff, Charlotte  Mar 1840Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I67
15 Duff, Elizabeth  1832Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I249
16 Duff, George Edward  1867Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I75
17 Duff, Henry  1829Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I248
18 Duff, James  1814Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I64
19 Duff, James Alexander  Dec 1841Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I62
20 Duff, Jane  1819Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I239
21 Duff, Jane  1838Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I68
22 Duff, John Robert  Jun 1850Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I72
23 Duff, Louisa A  1896Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I262
24 Duff, Mary Ann  1826Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I243
25 Duff, Mary Jane  1838Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I66
26 Duff, Phoebe  1812Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I234
27 Duff, Richard  17 Dec 1840Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I250
28 Duff, Sarah  1817Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I238
29 Duff, Sarah Ann  Jun 1847Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I71
30 Duff, Sarah Jane  Sep 1876Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I3300
31 Duff, Thomas  1854Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I256
32 Duff, William  1824Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I241
33 Duff, William  Sep 1844Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I70
34 Duff, William Henry  Jun 1874Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I78
35 Green, Sarah Jane  1874Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I89
36 Hartley, Frederick West  1843Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I267
37 Hartley, Rebecca Elizabeth  1867Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I88
38 Larmet, Sidney George  Jun 1911Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I264
39 Leonard, Catherine Ann  1855Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I253
40 Leonard, Frederick  1857Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I254
41 Leonard, Joseph  1860Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I255
42 Leonard, William  1852Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I252
43 Morgan, Joyce  Mar 1920Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I321
44 Skeels, Robert Weston  Sep 1844Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I505
45 Ward, Emma  1816Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I9330
46 Whittlesey, Eliza  1847Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I268
47 Wing, Percy William  5 Mar 1904Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I347


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Butt, Sarah  5 May 1844Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I3640
2 Duff, James Alexander  7 Jul 1871Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I74
3 Duff, Mary Jane  22 Apr 1838Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I66


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ambrose, Isabella  1962Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I391
2 Clow, Thomas Robert  Dec 1921Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I107
3 Cooper, Susan  1883Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I232
4 Dixon, Ann  31 Jan 1894Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I65
5 Duff, Ann  1823Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I240
6 Duff, Elizabeth  1834Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I249
7 Duff, Henry  1829Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I248
8 Duff, James  Abt 1869Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I64
9 Duff, James Alexander  1871Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I74
10 Duff, James Alexander  1880Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I62
11 Duff, Jane  29 Sep 1849Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I239
12 Duff, Mary Ann  1863Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I243
13 Duff, Phoebe  1873Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I234
14 Duff, Sarah  1890Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I238
15 Duff, Thomas  1854Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I256
16 Duff, William  Nov 1847Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I241
17 Gibson, Samuel  1868Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I39
18 Hartley, Frederick West  1894Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I267
19 Harwin, Frederick William  1950Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I3303
20 Harwin, John Willie "Jack"  10 Nov 1943Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I3299
21 Larmet, Sidney George  1966Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I264
22 Leftley, Ann  1932Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I159
23 Morgan, Owen Henry  18 Nov 1954Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I322
24 Skeels, Robert Weston  23 Aug 1924Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I505
25 Wing, John  Sep 1961Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I4772
26 Wing, Maud Mary  30 Oct 1983Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I4773
27 Wing, Robert  1930Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I157


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Duff, James Alexander  30 Aug 1871Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I74


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Clow, Rose Ellen  1901Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I23
2 Duff, George Edward  1901Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I75
3 Hartley, Frederick West  1881Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I267
4 Hartley, Frederick West  1891Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I267
5 Hartley, Rebecca Elizabeth  1881Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I88
6 Hartley, Rebecca Elizabeth  1901Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I88
7 Whittlesey, Eliza  1881Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I268
8 Whittlesey, Eliza  1891Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I268
9 Wing, Maud Mary  1901Wisbech, Cambridgeshire I4773


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cooper / Morgan  1939Wisbech, Cambridgeshire F129
2 Coward / Cooper  Sep 1929Wisbech, Cambridgeshire F117
3 Coward / Rouse  Jan 1912Wisbech, Cambridgeshire F240
4 Duff / Addison  1891Wisbech, Cambridgeshire F101
5 Duff / Cooper  15 Jul 1811Wisbech, Cambridgeshire F85
6 Duff / Hartley  Dec 1887Wisbech, Cambridgeshire F35
7 Hartley / Whittlesey  Dec 1866Wisbech, Cambridgeshire F106
8 Hyde / Ward  18 Aug 1841Wisbech, Cambridgeshire F3731
9 Lamplugh / Hardmeat  1845Wisbech, Cambridgeshire F1364
10 Larmet / Duff  Sep 1910Wisbech, Cambridgeshire F102
11 Morgan / Beagle  1916Wisbech, Cambridgeshire F130
12 Roe / Carpenter  Dec 1868Wisbech, Cambridgeshire F14
13 Roe / Gibson  Dec 1856Wisbech, Cambridgeshire F176
14 Roper / Cooper  Dec 1933Wisbech, Cambridgeshire F1753
15 Skeels / Bates  Dec 1883Wisbech, Cambridgeshire F168
16 Stafford / Fields  1866Wisbech, Cambridgeshire F246
17 Sykes / Coward  1952Wisbech, Cambridgeshire F1765
18 Ward / Nichols  1 Apr 1805Wisbech, Cambridgeshire F3733
19 Wing / Clow  Nov 1899Wisbech, Cambridgeshire F1762
20 Wing / Waterfield  Dec 1924Wisbech, Cambridgeshire F11