Tracing the disparate ancestries of four great families


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Uncle Charlie's recollections of his father, my granddad - written down by John Barker after a visit to him in Macclesfield, not long before Charlie died.

The Barkers of Macclesfield

Uncle Charlie's recollections - highly suspect, but still interesting!


  • Grandad had a pub in Stockport/Hazel Grove. This had a ‘music hall’ at the back with a stage and a bouncer. All the big stars like Marie Lloyd* performed there.

  • Grandad always made plenty of money to sustain his lifestyle. Grammar School educated, the cat’s whiskers. Intelligent. Everyone brought their problems to ‘Mr Barker’, ‘Old Ben’.

  • Charles remembers him in top hat and tails. Bramhall Hall was given to the nation by Jim Davies, friend of Ben’s. Other friends were Frith??, Eaton of The Gables, Park Lane, Macclesfield and Sheesby, the chief constable.

  • Grandad was PR man for Nestles milk, they spelled out N E S T L E S on the backs of houses, another gimmick was two pure white cows pulling cart.

  • He was very ostentatious - silk waistcoats, jewellery - all gradually sold off. The World War was a disaster for him.

  • Grandfather left an estate of £12-16000 which went to Benjamin but he got involved in shady dealings and lost the lot. Spent £500 trying to get it back. Rows.

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