Tracing the disparate ancestries of four great families


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Ancestral Notes

Hiscox/Hiscoe, Ward, Luck/Howard, Levy

Ancestral Notes George Dunkerton and Harriett Hiscox (nee Francis)


George Dunkerton Hiscox, b.1830, married Harriett b.1831 in 1855, children: Charles (b. 1857), Laura Mary (b. 1859), Annie Louise (b. 1862), Frances Beatrice (b.1863), Alethia Georgina (b. 1865), Frances Gertrude (b. 1867). George Dunkerton Hiscox was a school art teacher, artist, sculptor and drawing master to the daughter of Queen Victoria. He died in the second quarter 1901. On the website ‘’ there is reference to a book called ‘In memoriam George Dunkerton Hiscox, born 1830, died 1901. This was a 96 page private publication made by daughter Frances Beatrice Hiscox and the only copy is in the Bodleian Library at Oxford University. Daughter Laura Mary Pimm (nee Hiscox) appears on the 1901 UK Census, married to Thomas Pimm with 7 children at 1 Broomfield Rd, Richmond, UK. (Source: RG17/766, Folio 70, Page 4). Her daughter, Doris M Pimm (b. 1890) was also an artist. (Source: Mallams Auctions 27 Jan 03 who sold two of her paintings).


1830 George Dunkerton Hiscox born at Wells, North Wootton, Somerset, England


1851 Census: George (age 20) appears on the 1851 UK Census as a lodger. At the time of the census he is living at the Church School House, which is at the end of the township of Tutnell & Cobley, lying westward of the old wharf on a canal in the Parish of Tardebigge, Worcestershire, England. He is unmarried and recorded as a schoolmaster. (Source: HO107/2047, Folio 603 Page 13, GSU 87456-87457).


1855 George Dunkerton Hiscox marries Harriet Francis in the second quarter of 1855 in the District of Alcester, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, England. (Source: England & Wales, Free BMD Marriage Index 1837–1983, Volume 6d, page 642).

1871 Census: George (40) married to Harriet (39). Harriett is the school headmistress and George is a schoolmaster & Drawing Master. They are living in the boarding house, National Schools & Masters House, Hencroft Street, Upton with Chalvey, Slough, Buckinghamshire, England. Their children: Annie L (b 28 Feb 1861), Charles Constantine (b 1857), Frances Beatrice (B 1863), Georgina Alethia (b 1865), Laura Mary (b 1860) and Frances Gertrude (b.1867). There are six boarding house students as well as a domestic servant. Charles is shown as a Clerk, G W Railway. (Source: RG10/1401, Folio 75, Page 28, GSU 828506).

1881 Census: George (50) and Harriett (50) living at the Grove Road School, High Street, Upton-cum-Chalvey, Buckinghamshire, England with their children Annie L (18), Frances Beatrice (16), Georgina A (14), Frances Gertrude (12) and Laura Mary (20). There are 10 students in the school boarding house as well as two domestic servants and two other teachers from the school, one from Germany the other from London. Harriet is the principal of Grove Road Ladies School and George is recorded as an artist/sculptor. (Source: RG11/1460, Folio 45, Page 15, GSU 1341354).


1882 Annie Louise Hiscox, b. 1861 (daughter of George & Harriett), marries Abel Rous Dottin Mitchell at Paddington, London on 2 Dec 1882. Father: Henry Chicheley Mitchell.


1891 Census: George (60) is living at Cedar Cottage, Alexandra Road, New Windsor, Parish St John, Berkshire with his wife Harriet (60) and daughters Frances Beatrice (25) and Frances Gertrude (23), together with a servant and a visitor. He is recorded as a Sculptor/Artist/Landscaper. It shows the daughters were born in Gloucester, Bristol so they obviously lived there between 1866 and 1868. (Source RG12/1011, Folio 122, Page 28, GSU 6096121)


1894 Letter dated 13 Feb 1894 from Harriett at Cedar Cottage, Alexander Road, New Windsor to her granddaughter Violet Burroughs (nee Hiscox) in Melbourne, Australia. She says F Beatrice is the only child still at home, Gertie (Frances Gertrude), has a daughter, Georgie (Georgina) has a son and Lawrie (Laura M) has 4 sons and daughters. Harriett mentions George has just returned from the Beeches and is very busy for the Academy works. She sends her love to Ethel, Violet and Amelia. 

1901 Census: George (age 70) is living at 29 Caulfield Gardens, Hampstead, Parish Trinity with his wife Harriet (age 69) and daughter Frances B (age 35) together with two domestic servants and a visitor. He is recorded as an artist/painter/sculptor. (Source RG13/123, Folio 134, Page15) 


1901 George's death is recorded in 1901 age 70, June quarter, Hampstead, Greater London, London, Middlesex. (Source: Deaths, Vol 1a, page 393).


1904 Harriett is living at 21 Fairfax Road, Hampstead. In a letter to granddaughter Violet (Vie) Burroughs, Harriett thanks Vie for her letter and mentions she wondered why she hadn’t heard from Vie, Ethel or Amelia for years. She says she has been living at Hampstead since George’s death in 1901 and mentions her health has been very feeble for 20 years. She comments that Georgie (Georgina) is married to Rev Dr Noaks, Vicar, with a 11 year old son and Gertie (F Gertude) is married to the Rev Brooksbank, Rector of Castleton with 5 children. Harriett states the house is full of George’s paintings, although over 2,000 pounds worth had been sold. She says the remaining paintings and furniture would provide her a nice income for life. She is living with Bee (F Beatrice) and her husband. (source letter from Harriett dated 13 Dec 1904).

1905 Harriett is living at 21 Fairfax Road, Hampstead. She refers to a photo of Lawrie’s (Laura M) children, Doris, Evelyn, Mary, Philis, Bertie and Tommy who works with his father. Harriett asks after Ethel and Amelia. (source letter from Harriett dated 5 Sept & 30 Dec 1905)


The children of George and Harriett Hiscox:

Charles Constantine Hiscox, born 1856, married Amelia Melinda Ward on 24 Jan 1876, children Harriett (Vie) Violetta (b. 1 Sep 1876), Ethel Marianne (b. 28 May 1878), Fred Charles (b. 28 May 1880, d. 5 mths old) & Edith Maud (b. 17 Nov 1881, d. 6mths old). 1881 Census: Amelia m (b. 1858) is living with her mother Anna M. Ward (b. 1811) and Anna M Rey (nee Ward) (b. 1837) at 474 Kings Road, Chelsea, London. Also in 1881 Charles leaves his pregnant wife and two living children and immigrates to New York, USA and takes on the surname Hiscoe, 1886 Charles & Amelia divorce, 1889 Charles marries Ida B Clarke (b. Dec1871) in New York. They have two children Reginald Victor (b. 1892) and Arthur Winthrop (b. 1894). Ida commits suicide at home in 1908. Charles returns to the UK for three months in November 1915 and stays with John and Frances Brooksbank (his sister) at the CofE vicarage at Hathersage near Sheffield, where John was the minister. 1916 Charles sails back to New York on 7 Feb 1916 with his niece Margaret Hoult Brooksbank (daughter of John & Frances) on the ship Cameronica. Margaret (Marjorie) was sent to America because she was pregnant. Amelia immigrates to Australia and marries Walter Villiers Luck who later changes his name to Vernon Willoughby Howard.  (Source: 1881 UK Census, RG11/0080, Fol 39, Page5; 1900 US Census Roll T623-1119, Page 9B, District 864, 1910 US Census Roll T624-1037, Page 4B, District 1172, Image 1238; New York Passenger List, Year 1916, Serial T175, Roll T715-2451, Line 5). 

Laura Mary Hiscox b. 1859 d. 1933, married Thomas Pimm, children Thomas A, Doris M, James N H, Laird E, Madeline G, Phyllis M & Oline. Harriett also mentions there is an Evelyn, Mary and Bertie. (Source: Births 1859 District Skirlaugh, County Yorkshire- East Riding, Vol 9d, Page 246; Census 1891 (RG12/622, Fol 19, Page 3) and 1901 Census (RG13/677, Fol 70, Page 4); Marriages 1886, District Eton, County Buckinghamshire, Vol 3a, page 563).  

Annie Louise Hiscox b. 28 Feb 1861, d. 1913, married Abel Rous Dottin Michell (b. 1845) on 2 Dec 1882. Abel was a Clerk in Holy Orders and his father was Henry Chichley Michell, dec. At the time Annie was an artist living at 9 Dorset Square, Marylebone and Abel was living at 10 St Mary’s Square, Paddington. (Source: Christening Records, Place Horfield, Gloucestershire, Date 1822 – 1905, Film 1596410).  

Frances Beatrice Hiscox b. 1863 at Bristol in Gloucestershire, England. In 1901 she is living with the parents, George and Harriett at 29 Caulfield Gardens, Hampstead. In 1904 she marries Thomas Wilkinson Edwards see

Alethia Georgina Hiscox b. 1865, married Rev Dr Edward S Noakes, child
Cyril E S (Note: after her birth she was called Georgina A Hiscox)

Frances Gertrude Hiscox b.1867, Clifton, Gloucestershire, d.1950, married Rev John Hoult Brooksbank( b. d. 3 Jan 1939) in 1892. In 1893 John is a Clerk in Holy Orders Children of John and Frances G, Dorothy Gertrude  Hoult (b. 1893), Margaret (Marjorie) Hoult (b. 1895, d. 1961), Kathleen Marid (b. 1895), Edward John Hoult (b. 13 Dec 1897, d. 3 Jan 1962) & Harry Lawrence (b. 1901). In 1901 they are living at 53 Musters Road, West Bridgford St Giles, Nottinghamshire, England. John Hoult Brooksbank was born at Tinsley, Sheffield, Yorkshire in 1861, living with his parents at 156 Portobella Street, Sheffield, Yorkshire in 1871, father Martin Brooksbank (b. 1830) a saw smith from Barnsley and Hannah Brooksbank (b. 1826) a green grocer from Wandsworth. John’s sisters Sarah Ann Hoult (b. 1860), Alice Clanton (b. 1863), Maria Hoult (b. 1866) and brother John Hoult (b. 1862). In 1881 John is a student at a university training college in Culham, Oxford.  Dorothy, Kathleen and Margaret (Marjorie), daughters of Rev John and Frances Brooksbank, all went off to France as V.A.D’s (Volunteer Ambulance Drivers and Nursing) during the 1st world war. Margaret met and fell in love with a Lieutenant Colonel in the Medical Corps and became pregnant. Unfortunately, he was killed before they were married and she returned to the Vicarage in Hathersage, near Sheffield, where her father John was the Vicar and Rural Dean of Eyam. Margaret was sent to New York, USA with her uncle Charles Constantine Hiscox on the vessel Cameronica. It left from Liverpool in

the UK on 29 Jan 1916 and arrived in New York on 7 Feb 1916. Charles was already living in New York and had come to the UK in Nov 1915 and stayed with John and Frances Brooksbank. Charles changed his name to Hiscoe when he immigrated to the US in 1881 (refer below).    

This is an extract from ‘The History of Northwood College’ by Jean A Gibson.


George Dunkerton Hiscox: - Until 1902 the magazines all contained landscapes by the visiting art master George Dunkerton Hiscox. As with Mr Fowles in the music field so Mr Hiscox in the art field was well-known apart from his ability as a teacher of his subject. His talent as an artist is recognised in art dictionaries which refer to his landscapes being shown in galleries in London and in principal provincial exhibitions. The pictures were mostly watercolours but a few were oil paintings. As he worked and lived in Windsor for a number of years it is hardly surprising that many of his paintings were of scenes in the vicinity but he particularly loved to paint Windsor Castle at different times of the day, in different seasons and under various weather conditions.


His pictures were favoured by Queen Victoria and two remain in the Royal Collection. Both pictures are watercolours; one is entitled ‘Windsor Castle 1893’ and was presented to the Duke and Duchess of York (later King George V and Queen Mary) on their marriage in 1893 and the second is ‘Windsor Castle showing the Sports and Pastimes of her Majesty’s Jubilee Week 1887.’


As a result of correspondence with the Curator of the Print Room at Windsor Castle contact was made by the present writer with Mr Hiscox’s granddaughter who had no previous knowledge of his association with Northwood College. By a strange coincidence she knew Miss Myrtle Hillyer-Cole prior to the latter’s appointment as Headmistress of the College in 1968.


The place which inspired most of Mr Hiscox’s nineteen paintings exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1884 – 1899 was the Burnham Beeches where he painted the trees and lakes under all aspects of the varying seasons. An ‘In Memoriam’ compiled by Miss Buchan-Smith for the 1902 magazine has photographs of several of his paintings and also one of ‘The Artist at Work, Winter 1899’, showing him seated at an easel with snow lying on the ground. Like many artists who sketched at the Beeches, Mr Hiscox had a hut in which he could work or keep unfinished pictures. These he showed to parties of Northwood College Girls who went to the Beeches for a day’s sketching under his tuition, suitability chaperoned, of course, by Mis Buchan-Smith. The magazines record in words and pictures enjoyable days spent at Burnham Beeches.


Mr Hiscox was highly regarded as a teacher who ‘never discouraged his most inartistic pupil.’ He apparently gave the same advice as other art teachers regarding the need for constant practice if a high standard is to be achieved. ‘More drawing, more drawing, you want more drawing.’ This was addressed to those who wished to paint as an accomplishment before having mastered the necessary elements.’         


Charles Constantine Hiscox (UK) - Charles Coverdale Hiscoe (name changes in US)


Charles Constantine Hiscox (b.1856) Skirlaugh, Yorkshire - East Riding, England, UK.

Occupation: Draughtsman, living at Willow Vale, Shepherds Bush in 1876. Spouse: Amelia Melinda Hiscox (nee Ward) (b. 1859), married 24 Jan 1876 at St Lukes Church, Hammersmith, London, divorced 1886 (source National archives UK). Children: Harriet Violetta (Vie) (b. 1 Sep 1876), Ethel Marian (b. 28 May 1878 Warrington, Cheshire Lancashire, UK (Birth certificate records show name as Ethel Marian but she later uses Ethel Marianne), Fred Charles (b. 21 Mar 1880, died 1880 aged 5 months), Edith Maud (b. 17 Nov 1881, died 1882 aged 6 months).


1871 UK Census, George Dunkerton Hiscox (Head) (40), Harriet Hiscox (wife) (39), children, Charles C (14), Laura M (11), Annie L (9), Frances B (8), Georgina A (6), Gertrude F (4) at the National Schools and Masters House, Slough, Buckinghamshire, England, UK


1875 Criminal Register, Charles Constantine Hiscox is tried on a charge of rape at the Aylesbury Court, Buckinghamshire on the 10 Mar 1875. Charles is acquitted of the charge on 12 July 1875 at the Aylesbury Court, Buckinghamshire. 


1881 Charles Constantine Hiscox immigrates to the USA, but takes on the name Charles Coverdale Hiscoe. (Source: 1900 USA Federal Census which shows the year he immigrated and 19 years in the USA).


1889 Charles C Hiscoe marries Ida B Clark b. Dec 1871, New York, Age 28. (Source: 1900 US Census on 12 June 1900) 


1895 Ida Hiscoe (26), wife of Charles, sailed with her son's Reginald (Age 3) and Arthur Winthrop (8 months) to Southampton, UK and returned to New York on 28 Oct 1895 on the ship, St Paul. (Source: 1895 New York Passenger List, Line 8, Serial M237, Roll M237-650, Page 11).


1900 US Census: Charles C Hiscoe (Hiscox) shown as b.1861 living in New York with wife Ida (age 28), son's Reginald Victor Hiscoe (b. 1892) age 8 and Arthur Winthrop Hiscoe (b. 1894) age 6. (Source: 1900 US Census, Roll T623-1119, Page 9B, District 864).


1905 Charles C Hiscoe is referred to in the New York Times on 18 Aug 1905 as a former champion rifle and pistol shot of New York. He had shot a 300 lb “Herring Hog” fish in Echo Bay using a .32 calibre bullet. The kind of porpoise was placed on the lawn of the New Rochelle Yacht Club.


1908 Ida Hiscoe wife of Charles C Hiscoe committed suicide at her home at 187 Sickles Ave, New Rochelle, New York on 29 May 1908 by inhaling gas from a gas jet. Her 14 year old son (Arthur Winthrop Hiscoe) found her. Charles who was a decorator with offices in Fifth Ave, a member of the New Rochelle Yacht Club and an amateur athlete and swimmer of note said his wife had been worrying over his financial troubles. (Source: New York Times, 29 May 1908).     


1910 US Census: Charles C Hiscoe (Hiscox) shown as born 1858, a widow, living in New York with son's Reginald (18) & Arthur Winthrop Hiscoe (16). (Source: 1910 US Census, Roll 624-1037, Page 4B, District 1172, Image 1238).


1915 Charles C Hiscoe (b. 1856) sailed to Liverpool in the UK, arrived 14 November 1915 on the American Line. He stayed with his sister, Frances Gertrude Hiscox and her husband the Rev John Hoult Brooksband at the CoE Vicarage Hathersage, near Sheffield, where John was the minister between 1910 and 1932. (Source: 1915 UK Incoming Passenger List, Class BT26, Piece 611, Item 73, Official number 130616).


1916 Charles C Hiscoe (b. 1856) sailed with his niece, Margaret Hoult Broksbank (b. 1894), daughter of John Hoult & Frances Gertrude Brooksbank, from Liverpool in the UK to New York on 29 Jan 1916 and arrived in New York on 7 Feb 1916, on the ship Cameronica, (Source: 1916 New York Passenger List, Serial T715, Roll T715-242, Line 5, Page 133).


1920 US Census – Charles C Hiscoe (b. 1856) is living at Queens, New York with his wife Margaret (Marjorie) b. 1895 and daughter Elizabeth age 2. Margaret Hoult Brooksbank is Charles niece and we know she sailed back to New York with him in 1916. She was pregnant to a Lieutenant Colonel killed in action in France. Whether, Charles actually married Margaret is not clear as he may have only stated they were married so the records wouldn’t record her as an unmarried mother.     

1930 Charles C Hiscoe (b, 1856) is living at a Long Island inmate home at Amityville, Suffolk, New York. 


1961 Reginald Victor Hiscoe (b. 31 Mar 1892), son of Charles & Ida, died July 1961 at 79 East Seventy Nineth Street, New York.


Notes on Kamp Kill Kare and Charles Coverdale “C.C.” Hiscoe from Google:

In the early 1880s, Dr. Arpad Gerster, New York surgeon, built a small hunting camp on property owned by William West Durant seven miles from the hamlet of Raquette Lake near Lake Sumner. He named it Camp Omonson. In 1897, Durant sold the property to then Lieutenant-Governor Timothy L. Woodruff. The new owner and his wife expanded the camp, creating a lodge consisting of a series of buildings linked by a covered walkway, and renamed it "Kamp Kill Kare", and the lake, "Kora". In 1914, philanthropist Francis P. Garvan purchased Kamp Kill Kare as a retreat for his family. One year later, a fire that began in the servants' quarters consumed much of the main building.

Garvan rebuilt Kill Kare, hiring architect John Russell Pope to design new outbuildings and oversee the renovation of the main building.  Charles Coverdale "C.C." Hiscoe, an interior designer who had worked with the Woodruffs, was hired to design the new interiors. Hiscoe worked closely with Garvan, creating each room as a complete environment. From the shape and size of the furniture to the color of the floors, every element of the camp's interior was to reflect the owners' interests and harmonize with the camp's forest setting. Kamp Kill Kare is the epitome of Adirondack rustic design.

Amelia Melinda Hiscox (nee Ward) born 29 April 1858 (1st wife to Charles Hiscox)

1st marriage: Charles Constantine Hiscox, b. 1856, married 1876, children of Amelia & Charles, Harriette Violetta, b. 1 Oct 1876 Nottingham UK, Ethel Marion, b. 28 May 1878. (Birth certificate shows Marian but appears as Marianne elsewhere), Frederick Charles b. 21 Mar 1880, Edith Maude (b. 17 Nov 1881). Divorced 1886.


Amelia marries Charles Constantine Hiscox (b 1856), draughtsman on 24 Jan 1876 at St Lukes Church, Hammersmith, London. They are living at Willow Vale, Shepherds Bush at the time. Amelia’s mother Anna Maria Ward is a witness, Amelia's father is recorded as Harry Ward on the certificate, although this is obviously William Henry. Charles leaves Amelia in 1881 and immigrates to the US and they divorce in 1886. (Source National archives UK). Charles marries an Ida B Clark in 1889. Children of Amelia and Charles: Harriet Violetta (Vie) b. 1 Sep 1876; Ethel Marian b. 28 May 1878, Warrington, Cheshire Lancashire, UK (Birth certificate records show name as Ethel Marian but she later uses Ethel Marianne); Fred Charles b. 21 Mar 1880, died 1880 aged 5 months; Edith Maud b. 17 Nov 1881, died 1882 aged 6 months.


Amelia’s parents were William Henry Watkins Ward b.1813 and Anna Maria Strong b.1811


- 1851 Census shows Henry Ward b. 1813, living with his wife Anna Maria Ward b. 1811 with their children Anna M (b.1837), Henry (b.1846),  Albert (b.1848) & Francis (b.1850), living at No 6 Cattle Street, Kenwyn, St George, Truro in Cornwall. Henry is recorded as a mail coach proprietor. There are two servants Ann Willey and Jane Matthews.


- 1871 UK Census shows Amelia Melinda Ward born at Plymouth living with her parents Henry (age 58) and Anna M Ward (age 60) at 21A Coleshill Street, St George Hanover Square, Westminster. She is recorded on the census as Melinda. No other children are recorded on the census although there is a servant, Fanny Strong. She is the daughter of James and Martha Strong who lived in Paddington in 1851 and she was born in Middlesex, Paddington. (Source RG10/112, Folio 46, Page 21)


- 1881 Census, Amelia Melinda Hiscox, Anna Marie Rey and Anna Maria Ward (mother) living at 474 Kings Road , Chelsea, London, Source RG11/0080, Folio 39, Page 5.

- 1882 Death of Anna Maria Rey, died 4 Oct 1882 at Chelsea, Middlesex, England.

- 1885 Death of Anna Maria Ward (b. 1811) died 7 March 1885 at Marylebone, London, Middlesex.


Amelia’s 2nd Marriage  - Following her divorce to Charles Hiscox, Amelia marries Walter Villiers Luck (Vernon Willoughby Howard on 27 April 1898. 


2nd marriage: Walter Villiers Luck, b. 13 Jan 1853 at Brinklow, Warwickshire, England, (changed name to Vernon Willoughby Howard), married 27 April 1898 at The Study, 430 Bourke St, Melbourne, Victoria,  Australia.


- Gladys Sybil Howard, b. 1888 London, married Joseph Marshall in 1905. Source Registered Glebe NSW 1905, Reg No. 4105. Gladys died age 20 in 1908 at Sydney Hospital, of a stroke following peritonitis. Prior to her death she was living at 5 Elizabeth St, Paddington, Sydney, NSW, Australia. Children: Richard J Marshall (known as Max) b. 1908 at Paddington NSW (Source: Reg No 4105), Noel R Marshall b. 1905 at Woollahra, Sydney, NSW. Source: Reg No 39473, Death May 1982 at Palmdale Cemetry, NSW, Australia. Source: Aust Cemetry Index, Central Coast Family History Society.

- Inez Daphne Melinda Howard, b. 29 April 1896 Waverley, NSW, married Curnow W J Wadham, b. 1895 in 1917, Sydney, NSW Source: Reg No 9773. (Son of Lilian and Harry D Wadham ARA. Incoming Passenger Lists shows C W J Wadham sailed from Durban South Africa to the UK, arriving Southhampton 27 Jan 1913 on the Dunvegan Castle ship. Source: 105854. In 1920 Curnow & Inez living at 278 Jersey Rd, Paddington, NSW. Prior to her death in 1932 Inez is living at 164 Oxford St, Woollahra, Sydney. Inez died aged 32 on 16 July 1932 at Coast Hospital, Little Bay, Sydney, NSW of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Source: Reg No 1896/017640. Curnow W J Wadham, died 1924 at Penrith, NSW. Source: Reg No. 1924/14829.


1861 UK Census, Walter Luck (age 8) was a visitor at the home of Frederick and Mary Fenton, 1 Cassland Road (Plough Drive), South Hackney with his mother Catherine (Kate), brother’s: Malcolm (age 4) and Sidney (age 2).


1871 Census, Walter (aged 19) is living with his mother at the home of a Mrs Kemp at Amy Cottage, Stratford. His mother was the Governess.


1875 In August Walter Villiers Luck married Susannah Line at St John’s Church Stratford, Essex, Greater London, UK. Susannah Line, born 3 August 1858, 3 Western Terrace, Tottenham, Middlesex, London, England.


1881 Census, Walter is married to Susannah and is living at Apollo House, The Grove, Stratford with their children Walter (age 4), George (age 2) and a servant.


In 1881 Susannah's parents George and Susannah Line are living at 35 Chobham 
Road, Stratford which is close to 'The Grove'.


Information on the Web tells us that Walter Villiers Luck manufactured harmoniums and reed organs and that his business was situated at Chobham Road, Stratford in 1879, Romford Road, Stratford in 1880 and at Apollo House, Broadway, Stratford and at 21 Stratford Grove between 1886 - 1887. He sold his Apollo Works business to James Grover of W & F Grover in 1885. W & F Grover were at 150 The Grove, Stratford, London East and built piano’s and harmoniums. 150 The Grove is across the road from where Apollo House was located. The Grove and Romford Road go off Broadway. Chobham Road is five streets away and goes off Leytonstone Road, which is a continuation of The Grove. 


1886 Walter and Susannah have a daughter Amelia Gertrude Violetta Luck. Amelia’s married name Young. Amelia’s death 1974.


1886 Husband’s petition for divorce (Volney Ramsden) respondent Walter V Luck, wife’s petition (Annie Elizabeth Ramsden) respondent Volney Ramsden. Volney Ramsden was a ‘Bicycle and pianoforte salesman.


1887 Wife’s petition for divorce (Susannah Luck) respondent Walter V Luck. Walter and Susannah divorce 1887, Source: Divorce file 1419. Susannah re-marries in Dec 1894 to Arthur John Churchyard. She is living at 25 Spencer Road, Seven Kings, London in 1911 and she dies age 85 in 1943.


1888 Amelia Melinda Hiscox and Walter Luck have a child Sybil Gladys (b. 1888) and sometime after that Walter immigrates to Australia and marries Amelia on the 27 April 1898. The marriage certificate records his name as Walter Villiers Luck, but he indicates he has been a widower since 1889 and has no children. This isn’t correct because in 1891 his previous wife Susannah and their three children are living with her father, George Line, at 35 Chobham Road, Stratford, London.  Walter and Amelia have two children Sibyl Gladys (B 1888) and Inez Daphne Melinda (B 1896). Amelia also has four children from the previous marriage to Charles Hiscox, although two had died less than 6 months old. On Amelia's death certificate in 1943, Walter's name appears as Walter Villiers Leech Howard which indicates he either changed his surname or just took on the new surname. (Leech should read Luck). The marriage certificate between Walter and Amelia, 27 April 1898, records his name as Walter Villiers Luck, although their two daughters born prior to the marriage have the surname Howard. On his death certificate, dated 17 September 1939, it records his name as Vernon Willoughby Howard.


1890 Sands Directory, Vernon Howard Musical Instrument Warehouse, Ocean Street, Woollahra, Sydney, NSW, Australia.


1890 Sands Directory, Mrs V Howard, Berry Street, St Leonards, Sydney, NSW


1891 UK Census, Susannah is living with her father George Line (70) at 35 Chobham Road, Stratford, London,UK with her children Walter (age 14), George (age 10) and Amelia (aged 5). In 1901, Walter (Jnr), son age 16, is on board the passenger ship Servia, seems to be on detention according to manifest, arrives New York, USA, 28 Aug 1901. In 1904 Walter (Jnr) departs Liverpook UK, sails to Sydney, Australia, arriving 28 Feb 1904. Walter (Jnr) returns to the UK and marries Annie Slater in June 1907. Refer 1907 below.


-          1893 Sands Directory, Howard & Co music sellers, 66 Queen St, Woollahra NSW 

-          1894 Sands Directory, Howard & Co music sellers, 66 Queen St, Woollahra NSW

-          1895 Sands Directory, Howard & Co, importers, 66 Queen St, Woollahra NSW 

-          1896 Sands Directory, Mrs A M Howard, Macpherson Street, Waverley,NSW

-          1896 Sands Directory, Howard & Co, importers, 66 Queen St, Woollahra NSW

-          1897 Sands Directory, Mrs A M Howard, Macpherson St, Waverley, NSW 

-          1897 Sands Directory, Vernon Howard, Macpherson St, Waverley, NSW

-          1897 Sands Directory, Howard & Co, merch./importers, 66 Queen St, Woollahra

-          1898 Sands Directory, Howard & Co, merch./importers, 36-40 Pitt St, Sydney & 11 Macquarie Place

-          1899 Sands Directory, A M Howard, 216 Glebe Road, Glebe, NSW

-          1901 Sands Directory, Howard & Co, piano/music wareh 80 Queen St, Woollahra

-          1903 Sands Directory, Howard & Co, merch./importers, 80 Queen St, Woollahra

-          1907 Sands Directory, Vernon Willoughby Howard JP, 80 Queen St, Woollahra

-          1908 Sands Directory, Howard & Co, piano,music ware, 80 Queen St, Woollahra

-          1908 Sands Directory, Vernon Willoughby Howard JP, 80 Queen St, Woollahra

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