Tracing the disparate ancestries of four great families


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Descendants of George Dunkerton Hiscox

Descendants of George Dunkerton Hiscox


Generation No. 1

1. GEORGE DUNKERTON1 HISCOX was born 1831 in North Wotton Somerset, and died 1901 in Hampstead London. He married HARRIETFRANCIS. She was born 1831 in Alcester Warwickshire, and died 1909 in Croydon South London.




CHARLES2 HISCOX, b. 1854, Hornsea Redditch Yorkshire.



LAURA MAY HISCOX, b. 1860, Hornsea Redditch Yorkshire ; d. 1933, Staines.



ANNIE LOUISE HISCOX, b. 1861, Bristol Somerset Avon.



FRANCIS BEATRICE HISCOX, b. 1863, Bristol Somerset Avon m.



Thomas Wilkinson Edwards see 1904, Hampstead London ; b. 1878, Leeds Yorkshire.



GEORGINA A HISCOX, b. 1865, Bristol Somerset Avon.



FRANCES GERTRUDE HISCOX, b. 1867, Bristol Somerset Avon ; d. 1950, Chorley Lancaster





Generation No. 2

2. LAURA MAY2 HISCOX (GEORGE DUNKERTON1) was born 1860 in Hornsea Redditch Yorkshire, and died 1933 in Staines. She marriedTHOMAS PIMM 1886 in Eton Buckinghamshire, son of JAMES PIMM and MARTHA FARRER. He was born 1861 in Shoreditch London, and died 1934 in Twickenham.

Notes for THOMAS PIMM:
Thomas Pimm, (1861-1934) The eldest son of James Norris P1mm, was the beneficiary of 3/5 of the wholesale stationery and envelope manufacturing business of his father and was named an executor in his will. This function he promptly renounced upon his father's death, no doubt to his lasting regret in view of later developments. On December 19th. 1900. Thomas's name was recorded in the Chamberlain's Court, Guildhall, as a Citizen of London by redemption (i.e. purchase). As a freeman of the City he acquired certain privileges, including the right to drive sheep over London Bridge. His occupation was given as envelope maker of Sugar Loaf Court, Upper Thames Street. city of London EC3. Following in his father's footsteps, he was a Common Councilman for the ward of Greenhithe for the period 1901-1932. including 12 years as the Alderman's deputy. Thomas married Laura Hiscox of Windsor, Feb 20th. 1886, and they had seven children, who are dealt with individually below.

ThfamilwanotablmusicalThomahimselwadeemetbthfinestympanisihwaalso organist at St Garlickhythe Church which is on Upper Thames Street, opposite Vintners Hall; among the children Madge played the organ. Thomas Arthur the French horn. Dobs the piano and violin and Evelyn the cello. Granddaughter Jane was the exception; properly cued she could the trusted with the triangle.

Thomas Pimm's envelope business was sold to a Mr Simson, then became Simson Pimm. Simson Pimm Envelopes supplies envelopes to greeting cards manufacturers. The company was founded in the 1930s. In March 1993 Simson Pimm was placed in administrative receivership. In July 1993 Shenval Holdings, the holding company for Simson Pimm, which was controlled by the Shand family, was placed in receivership. In 1995 the Serious Fraud Office, with the help of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, started to investigate a number of transfers made by Roddy Shand, the head of Simson Pimm. It emerged that he had performed them to finance debts that arisen out of unsuccessful investments in coal recovery plants in the United States and to met some personal obligations, including his subscription to Boodle's. In 1999 Mr Shand was charged with fraudulent trading. In October 2000 Simson Pimm went into receivership. In January 2002 Shand pleaded guilty to fraudulent trading at Harrow Crown Court. In February 2002 Shand was given a two-year prison sentence.

Children of LAURA HISCOX and THOMAS PIMM are:

5.         i. THOMAS ARTHURPIMM, b. 1887, London ; d. 1943.

            ii. DORIS MAY PIMM, b. 1890, Fulham London ; d. 1972, Wraysbury Bucks.

Known as 'Dobs' Doris May (Mary) Pimm. "Dob or Dobs" (1889-1970) is said to have been a very good amateur painter, She has been described as vivacious and to have overshadowed her younger sisters. She never married and continued to live in the Wraysbury house until her death in 1970, although after suffering a stroke she required constant care during her last eight years.

6.         iii. JAMES NORRIS HERBERT PIMM, b. 1890, Richmond Surrey ; d. 1924, Died at sea returning from West Africa.

iv. EVELYN PIMM, b. 1892, Richmond Surrey ; d. 1991, Winscombe Somerset ; m. J OHN WOOD.

Notes for EVELYN PIMM:
Evelyn Wood née Pimm (April 22nd. 1892 - Oct 1st, 1991). the fourth child of Thomas and Laura, was named by her niece Susan Oakes "in her quietrather astringent way my favourite aunt" In her twenties she travelled to India as governess to a little girl and there met and soon married John "Jock" Wood. a tea planter in Assam. Six years later Jock was stricken with peritonitis and Evelyn had to bring him out by bullock cart, but he died soon after reaching Calcutta. They had no children.  In 1943 I was taken by the Van den Hurks to visit Evelyn (then a widow) and her sister Doris at their home in Wraysbury, near Staines and am told I described them as "two funny old girls with a parrot". After Doris's death another widowed sister, Phyllis Van den Hurk. moved in; later both went to a nursing home in Winscombe. Avon. Although Evelyn lived to 99 and Phyllis to 97 and towards the end both were frail, they

"had nothing wrong with their brains". At the end Evelyn tired of life and said to her niece Susan "I'm a tough old bird; you should take me out in the road and run over me". Phyllis had been giving her a bad time!

vLAURA PIMM, b. 1893, Richmond Surrey.

Notes for LAURA PIMM:
Could be Laura May Pimm, she may have emigrated to Canada

viMADELINE GERTRUDE PIMM, b. 1894, Richmond Surrey ; d. 1951; m. DAVID AYRE1915b. 1891, Durham.

Madeleine Gertrude Ayre née Pimm (Madge) (1894-1951), the fifth child of Thomas and Laura, married David Ayre, B.E.M. According to Jane, Madge was "quite nice, but different from the others". She did not explain in what way, but in the absence of anecdotes, I suspect that she lackedflamboyancy. There were no children.



PHYLLIS MAY PIMM, b. 1895, Richmond Surrey; d. 1993, Winscombe Somerset.



OLIVE LISA PIMM, b. 1898, Richmond Surrey; d. 1977.


3. ANNIE LOUISE2 HISCOX (GEORGE DUNKERTON1) was born 1861 in Bristol Somerset Avon. She married ABEL ROUS DOTTIN MICHELL1882 in Westminster London. He was born 1846 in Lymington Hampshire, and died 1928 in Brentford.

Children of ANNIE HISCOX and ABEL MICHELL are:

i. HENRY CUMBERBATCHMICHELL, b. 1885, West Ealing London.

ii. ARTHUR CHARLES MICHELL, b. 1893, Thorverton, Exeter Devonshire,.

4. FRANCES GERTRUDE2 HISCOX (GEORGE DUNKERTON1) was born 1867 in Bristol Somerset Avon, and died 1950 in Chorley Lancaster. She married JOHN (THE REVD & BA) HOULT BROOKBANK 1892 in Windsor Berkshire. He was born 1861 in Tinsley Sheffield Yorkshire, and died 1938 in Hathertsage Derbyshire.


i. DOROTHY GERTRUDE HOULTBROOKSBANK, b. 1893, West Bridgford Nottingham.

ii. MARGARET HOULT BROOKSBANK, b. 1894, West Bridgford Nottingham.

iii. EDWARD (LT) JOHN 'TEDDY' HOULT BROOKSBANK, b. 1897, West Bridgford Nottingham ; d. 1962, East Retford Nottingham.

iv. HENRY (THE REVD) LAWRENCE HOULT BROOKSBANK, b. 1901, West Bridgford Nottingham ; d. 1979, Chichester West Sussex.

Generation No. 3

5. THOMAS ARTHUR3 PIMM (LAURA MAY2 HISCOXGEORGE DUNKERTON1) was born 1887 in London, and died 1943. He marriedELEANOR MARY HEXALL 1912 in Brentford.

Thomas Arthur Pimm (1887-l942), appears to be about 7 years of age in the family photograph reproduced of the Pimm Family, and certainly he was born before his sister Doris. The presence of grandfather Thomas in photograph places the date (and the latter's death) somewhere about 1895.  Thomas Arthur was admitted to the Twickenham Rowing Club April 25th, 1906, when he was living in Kew. He is remembered as an employee of the Crown Agencies for the Colonies ca. 1920-1930, when he lived in nearby St. Margarets with his wife Eleanor Mary Hexall and daughter "Jane". He served a number of terms as captain of the rowing club and as Honorary Secretary, finally resigning in 1923/4. Continuing the family tradition he gained the Freedom of the City, Dec. 10th, 1920. Thomas Arthur's death occurred Nov. 11th, 1942 at the Constitutional Club, London, when his home was Studio House, Carson's Lane. Wraysbury, Bucks. Probate was granted to his widow and Doris Mary Pimm, the estate being valued at £810 ls 4d. In the 1911 census he lived at 1 Brownfield Kew London with his parents  


i. MARYPIMM, b. 1913; d. 2002, Deal Kent ; m. WILLIAM JAMES NANCARROW; b. US of A.

Notes for MARY PIMM:
Mary Elizabeth Nancarrow (1913 - 2002 ) the only child of Thomas Arthur and Eleanor Mary P1mm, has always been known as "Jane". Reflecting the family preoccupation with rowing, she was the bearer for the English rowing team at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Jane served in the army (ATS) inWW2. Joining up early when the roles open to girls were limited, she became a cook. She married William James Nancarrow, an American of afamily with roots in Redruth, CornwallWilliam's grandfather had participated in the 1849 California gold rush.

From early days the family had vacationed in Deal, in a very old cottage in Middle Street just off the seafront. The house had been built by a ships' carpenter and still has such features as a rope banister and a "smugglers" tunnel from the basement to the beach. The house was purchased in 1945 for £380 and was valued in 1990 at £80,000. Jane's marriage was not a success because of her husband's drinking, SO she was not unhappy as a widow, living on in the Deal house with her dog Toby and a succession of cats named Fred. Toby was an avid cricket fan, attending the matches and watching them on TV. He was presented with an autographed copy of the biography of Knott, the well-known wicket-keeper for Kent. A charming "beggar', he raised as much as £40 a day for charity.  In 1993 Jane moved to a nearby nursing home. Her affairs are looked after by an old friend,Michael de Harden Jones. who now lives in the old house which will be his under her will, she died in 2002. Victor Styles happened to be in the area in Deal on her 80th birthday, she was still very sharp for her age  

William James Nancarrow, an American of a family with roots in Redruth, Cornwall. William's grandfather had participated in the 1849 Californiagold rush.

6. JAMES NORRIS HERBERT3 PIMM (LAURA MAY2 HISCOXGEORGE DUNKERTON1) was born 1890 in Richmond Surrey, and died 1924 in Died at sea returning from West Africa. He married BLANCHE SHEPPARD 1922 in Wandsworth South London. She was born 1895 in Fulham London.

John Norris (Bertie) was born on the 22nd of September 1890 at Culver House, Lion Gate Gardens, Richmond Surrey. Lived at 1 Broomfield Kew Gardens in 1911 he was a clerk at the Deutsche Bank James Norris Pimm  (Bertie) (Nov 1st. 1890-1924), the third child of Thomas Pimm and Laura Hiscox, was elected a cadet (under 18) member of the Twickenham Rowing Club, Sept. 16. 1907. He won the M.C. at Gallipoli, served as aide de camp to- General de Barry at Salonica and for a time to General Mime, with the rank of Captain.  Bertie's marriage to Blanche Sheppard was a disaster, one source having it that there was insanity in her family, but Jane forthrightly calling her "a tart". Despite this, after Bertie's death at sea in 1924 while returning from West Africa, Blanche was able to remarry. Their only child, David. born in 1924, spent most of his short life with the Van den Hurks, dying in 1950 from a brain tumour.

Refer to SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE, 4 JUNE, 1917. Page 5483 T./2nd Lt. James Norris Herbert Pimm, RFA


i. DAVID JPIMM, b. 1924,<

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