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Michael Loudon 2015

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    I have managed to locate copies (attached) of the death certificates of :

    1] Agnes McNeill nee Loudon: died 9 Dec 1906, "senile decay and Influenza", and Agnes parents are listed as William Loudon, "Commander RN" (deceased) and her mother as Elizabeth Loudon (nee Webster) also deceased.

    Note she died Dec 1906 and age is stated as 79 years making year of birth likely 1827 (not 1826) BUT is compatible with a DOB of 17 Dec 1826! - i.e. 8 days short of her 80th birthday.

    I will in due course track down William Loudon and find out how he is related to my patrilineal. This web entry is probably him:

    2] Elizabeth Agnes McNeill b1856 her daughter: Died 3 Apr 1880, "Blood poisoning from sewer gas, 47 days, intensified by confinement a week after first sign". The DC confirms that her father John McNeill was deceased at that time, and her mother Agnes alive. The 'Informant' to Eliz Agnes death (JR Bolitho, Capt. Bolitho's brother) has incorrectly informed the Registrar that Eliz Agnes' mother was called 'Elizabeth' (as opposed to Agnes).

    PS: the stated cause of Eliz Agnes' death reflects the persistence of the "miasma" theory of disease transmission, and the "germ theory" wasn't fully establised until Robert Koch's pioneering work after 1880, although a 'germ theory' had been proposed and discussed long before that. (I'm a doctor, ML.) 
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    Agnes McNeill nee Loudon death 1906
    Agnes McNeill nee Loudon death 1906