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1881 Census i958

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  • Title 1881 Census i958 
    Short Title 1881 Census i958 
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    Text 1881 Census
    At Betley, Staffordshire
    William Keen 40 1841 Betley Common, Staffordshire, head, farm labourer
    Ellen Keen 38 1843 Sandbach Heath, Cheshire, wife, formerly dairymaid
    George Keen 20 1861 Blakenhall, Cheshire, son, ag lab
    Elizabeth Keen 17 1864 Betley Common, Staffordshire, daughter, servant domestic
    James Keen 9 1872 Betley Common, Staffordshire, son, scholar
    Leah Keen 5 1876 Betley Common, Staffordshire, daughter, scholar
    Thomas Keen 2 1879 Betley Common, Staffordshire, grandson
    Earnest Keen 9mths 1880 Betley Common, Staffordshire, son 
    Linked to Ellen Carter
    William Keen 

  • Deaths
    Fanny Elizabeth Bedson death certificate
    Fanny Elizabeth Bedson death certificate
    Fanny Elizabeth Birchall, age 65 years, widow of Charles Henry Birchall, railway goods guard
    Cause of death: Myocardial failure, hypertension and arterial sclerosis
    Informant: Richard Birchall, son, present at death