Tracing the disparate ancestries of four great families

Tree: Birchenough

Tree Name  Birchenough 
Description  They came from the fields of Shropshire and from the north, attracted by the new industries in Sandbach to become shoemakers or work in the silk mill in Union Street. With the mechanization of shoemaking and the death of silk making they moved on - to work in the newly-arrived lorry factories of ERF and Fodens or the railway works at Crewe. The Birchenough clan were typified by Nancy's father and mother: Albert and Mary. Albert worked for all his life at Fodens and fought in both World Wars (Sergeant Birchenough was the last soldier to leave Alderney before the Nazis arrived). Despite all the hardship Mary (right) brought up six children who all went on to success.  
Individuals  2,914 
Families  983 
Sources  2,361 
Owner  John Barker 

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